Week : 52 and a bit… 27th-31st December 1965

Monday 27th December 1965
Another cold and frosty morning. We’re not seeing much of Gillian – she’s out on her bike all the time.
Have written five ‘thank you’ letters this evening – and we’ve all had baths. Joan rang this afternoon.

Tuesday 28th December 1965
Eileen coming.
Very cold and frosty morning. I’ve done some washing but it’s all stiff! Cyril and I took the children to Chertsey. We stopped at Esher en-route for a bit of shopping – then as soon as we got back, Cyril went to Reading.

Wednesday 29th December 1965
It was horrible going to work today! I left at 11:15 but brought a pile of work home with me. Gillian has gone to Peter Pan with Avril and Nicky. It’s a filthy, cold, wet day.

Thursday 30th December 1965
Philip to Michael’s party.
Did a short spell at the office – but isn’t there some work mounting up! Not quite so cold today. Cyril is off to the bank now and I must get Phil (though Peggy has actually written Cyril) ready for his party. Gillian has been out cycling.

Friday 31st December 1965
Oh! I’m so tired!! This afternoon, Eileen, Dad and I have been to London – and how we’ve walked – from Gamages though Oxford Street, down to Marble Arch! Caught the 6:52 home and we’ve been in to Phyl and Stan’s for a drink.Diary Shelf








Week 52 : 20th-26th December 1965

Monday 20th December 1965
Nice day. Ted rang tonight and said Pa will arrive at 8:45pm on Thursday (at Reading). Cyril and I met in Esher at 12:30 and we’ve ordered an oven-ready turkey – the fresh ones are very expensive. Have done an hour’s work this evening.

Tuesday 21st December 1965
Worked till one today – didn’t matter as Cyril was at an office party for his lunch – he called in at Esher for the turkey this morning. Philip not looking very well – he seems to have picked up another cold. Gill had tea with Nicky.

Wednesday 22nd December 1965
Last day at school.
Nice surprise today – a fiver added to my cheque as a Christmas present from Mr. Murray! I went into Esher and did some more shopping. Should be nearly through now – judging by the state of my purse!!

Thursday 23rd December 1965
Didn’t go to work today. Cyril was home at 3:30 and we went up to the village for some of the veg. He went to meet Dad at 7:25 and was home long before I expected him at ten to ten. I baked all evening.

Friday 24th December 1965
A very nice Christmas Eve. Cyril and I went to Leatherhead (in the rain) for the veg etc. In the afternoon Dad and I had an hour in Surbiton. The children were in bed at six – and asleep by 7:30!! We were quite late retiring – after midnight.

Saturday 25th December 1965
Didn’t get wakened until quarter to seven, which was wonderful. The children were so thrilled with their gifts  – and they had so many! We all went to Church at quarter to ten (except Dad) and opened the rest of the gifts on our return. I had some lovely presents from Cyril – including a string of pearls and black handbag and gloves. The Turners came in for the afternoon and evening and we broke up about 1:00am!! A hectic but very pleasant day (apart from weather – wet).

Sunday 26th December 1965
Had a drink with Denis & Alma – then Ivy and Bill came up. A strange Sunday. Took quite a long time to clear up after yesterday’s day of hard eating and drinking. A beautiful frosty day though. Dad and I went on the Heath for a walk with the children this afternoon. To Gerald and Ena’s (Cyril and I) this evening, where we had a lovely time. Home about 11pm and in with Leonard and Mary until 1:45am.

Week 51 : 13th -19th December 1965

Monday 13th December 1965
Had an excellent lunch out with the ladies and Mr Murray at the Steak House in Esher, which meant I wasn’t home to do any ironing or any anything! Consequently, I have been ironing this evening and doing a bit of homework.

Tuesday 14th December 1965
Philip’s school party 2:45-4:15
School closed this afternoon.
Philip enjoyed his party. Poor Cyril has a bad back tonight after trailing around town this morning buying my presents!! We did a great deal of shopping in Pricerite this afternoon while Phil was at his party. Collected the tree on the way home.

Wednesday 15th December 1965
Gillian’s school party 3:00-4:45
Worked until twelve. Cyril not very fit – he has had to go to town today too – and afterwards to Hog Robs cocktail party. It’s nearly 10:30 and he’s not in yet. Phyl brought her cake in this evening and we’ve both had an icing session!
(Hogg Robinson’s – Corporate travel and shipping agency with whom Cyril would have worked.)

Thursday 16th December 1965
Very tired today as Cyril didn’t come in until 12:15am and I waited up for him.
Went back to work for an hour this afternoon to try and get some of the bills paid – we have the auditors in – so goodness knows what tomorrow will bring forth. I’ve just been stamping the Christmas cards – Gillian was going to do them, but she cried off!!!

Friday 17th December 1965
Caught the 1 o’clock bus to Esher and did the weekend shopping – there wasn’t a great deal to do and I could have been home very quickly had there been a bus! As it was, it was nearly 3:00 when I got in – and I’d had no breakfast or lunch!
Rang Joan.

Saturday 18th December 1965
To Doris and Will.
Joan surprised me on the phone by saying she thought Dad was coming to us for Christmas! Too bad of him not to let us know! Did well in the post today – 3 parcels! – from Joan, Molly and the Greens!
We were late leaving for Welling, as Cyril had to have the screen wipers repaired. However it gave me time to do the washing! Left here 11:15, arrived 12:50. Not too bad. Filthy weather, but we’ve had a very nice day. Came back via West End to see the lights. Home 9:30pm.

Sunday 19th December 1965
Cor – Our Dad! Joan rang this evening to say would Cyril meet Pa on Christmas Eve at Reading!!!! I’ve since rung back and said Thursday evening would be more convenient. We’ve had a hectic day – decorating the tree etc. etc. etc. etc.


Teatime with Auntie Doris and Uncle Will.

Teatime with Doris and Will was a grand affair. This photo was from 1962 I think, but shows how seriously tea was taken back then (yes, that is Phil with a bow tie!).  All the cakes and tarts were homemade, as were the jellies and jams.  I seem to remember that at Christmas there would be a giblet pie as well and games to play that Uncle Will had made himself. I recall a ‘fishing’ game with little rods and wooden fish with magnets. Another favourite was one with little candles attached to a length of wood, maybe a yard long, the idea being to see how many candles could be lit with one match! At the end of the day, Father always drove us home through the West End of London to see the Christmas lights and Phil and I would amuse ourselves by counting the number of Christmas trees we could see in houses on our respective sides of the road!



Week 50 : 6th -12th December 1965

Monday 6th December 1965
Gale force winds – I wished during the morning that I had left all the washing out instead of only one or two items. Went to Knipp Hill this afternoon – bought Gill a very pretty coat with a fur collar and muff – for £2. Last Keep Fit.

Tuesday 7th December 1965
Worked until 12:15 again today. Am becoming convinced there is more than a morning’s work to do there. By the time I had washed up our lunch things and prepared this evening’s meal, it was time to collect the children.

Wednesday 8th December 1965
Eileen’s birthday
Plenty of work again! I found time this afternoon to go into Cullens and order some of the Christmas fare. Heard that Dad isn’t going to Ripon after all. I wonder if he will fall back on us?

Thursday 9th December 1965
Cyril to Cardiff
I worked until 12:30, then Mrs W gave me a lift to Kingston where I did a bit of shopping in pouring rain. Absolutely soaked. So were the children. Been working in the kitchen this evening – washing, defrosting fridge etc.

Friday 10th December 1965
School play 7:15 p.m.
Stayed up very late last night – ironing. Consequently I had difficulty in getting up!! We’ve all been to the school pantomime – which went off very well. Children enjoyed it! I shopped in Esher this morning – had a long wait for Cyril to pick me us as his train was delayed – floods.

Saturday 11th December 1965
I was away to Kingston this morning – and what a crush! However, I managed to finish buying the gifts – also two pairs of shoes for me and a dress! Couldn’t get any lunch – so went without. Cyril picked me up at half past two. We had a very hilarious evening with Leonard and Mary – bed at 01:45!

Sunday 12th December 1965
Nasty wet day so I am all behind with the washing. Cyril has tidied up the front bed – planted tulips and wallflowers.