Week 50 : 6th -12th December 1965

Monday 6th December 1965
Gale force winds – I wished during the morning that I had left all the washing out instead of only one or two items. Went to Knipp Hill this afternoon – bought Gill a very pretty coat with a fur collar and muff – for £2. Last Keep Fit.

Tuesday 7th December 1965
Worked until 12:15 again today. Am becoming convinced there is more than a morning’s work to do there. By the time I had washed up our lunch things and prepared this evening’s meal, it was time to collect the children.

Wednesday 8th December 1965
Eileen’s birthday
Plenty of work again! I found time this afternoon to go into Cullens and order some of the Christmas fare. Heard that Dad isn’t going to Ripon after all. I wonder if he will fall back on us?

Thursday 9th December 1965
Cyril to Cardiff
I worked until 12:30, then Mrs W gave me a lift to Kingston where I did a bit of shopping in pouring rain. Absolutely soaked. So were the children. Been working in the kitchen this evening – washing, defrosting fridge etc.

Friday 10th December 1965
School play 7:15 p.m.
Stayed up very late last night – ironing. Consequently I had difficulty in getting up!! We’ve all been to the school pantomime – which went off very well. Children enjoyed it! I shopped in Esher this morning – had a long wait for Cyril to pick me us as his train was delayed – floods.

Saturday 11th December 1965
I was away to Kingston this morning – and what a crush! However, I managed to finish buying the gifts – also two pairs of shoes for me and a dress! Couldn’t get any lunch – so went without. Cyril picked me up at half past two. We had a very hilarious evening with Leonard and Mary – bed at 01:45!

Sunday 12th December 1965
Nasty wet day so I am all behind with the washing. Cyril has tidied up the front bed – planted tulips and wallflowers.


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