Week 52 : 20th-26th December 1965

Monday 20th December 1965
Nice day. Ted rang tonight and said Pa will arrive at 8:45pm on Thursday (at Reading). Cyril and I met in Esher at 12:30 and we’ve ordered an oven-ready turkey – the fresh ones are very expensive. Have done an hour’s work this evening.

Tuesday 21st December 1965
Worked till one today – didn’t matter as Cyril was at an office party for his lunch – he called in at Esher for the turkey this morning. Philip not looking very well – he seems to have picked up another cold. Gill had tea with Nicky.

Wednesday 22nd December 1965
Last day at school.
Nice surprise today – a fiver added to my cheque as a Christmas present from Mr. Murray! I went into Esher and did some more shopping. Should be nearly through now – judging by the state of my purse!!

Thursday 23rd December 1965
Didn’t go to work today. Cyril was home at 3:30 and we went up to the village for some of the veg. He went to meet Dad at 7:25 and was home long before I expected him at ten to ten. I baked all evening.

Friday 24th December 1965
A very nice Christmas Eve. Cyril and I went to Leatherhead (in the rain) for the veg etc. In the afternoon Dad and I had an hour in Surbiton. The children were in bed at six – and asleep by 7:30!! We were quite late retiring – after midnight.

Saturday 25th December 1965
Didn’t get wakened until quarter to seven, which was wonderful. The children were so thrilled with their gifts  – and they had so many! We all went to Church at quarter to ten (except Dad) and opened the rest of the gifts on our return. I had some lovely presents from Cyril – including a string of pearls and black handbag and gloves. The Turners came in for the afternoon and evening and we broke up about 1:00am!! A hectic but very pleasant day (apart from weather – wet).

Sunday 26th December 1965
Had a drink with Denis & Alma – then Ivy and Bill came up. A strange Sunday. Took quite a long time to clear up after yesterday’s day of hard eating and drinking. A beautiful frosty day though. Dad and I went on the Heath for a walk with the children this afternoon. To Gerald and Ena’s (Cyril and I) this evening, where we had a lovely time. Home about 11pm and in with Leonard and Mary until 1:45am.


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