Week : 52 and a bit… 27th-31st December 1965

Monday 27th December 1965
Another cold and frosty morning. We’re not seeing much of Gillian – she’s out on her bike all the time.
Have written five ‘thank you’ letters this evening – and we’ve all had baths. Joan rang this afternoon.

Tuesday 28th December 1965
Eileen coming.
Very cold and frosty morning. I’ve done some washing but it’s all stiff! Cyril and I took the children to Chertsey. We stopped at Esher en-route for a bit of shopping – then as soon as we got back, Cyril went to Reading.

Wednesday 29th December 1965
It was horrible going to work today! I left at 11:15 but brought a pile of work home with me. Gillian has gone to Peter Pan with Avril and Nicky. It’s a filthy, cold, wet day.

Thursday 30th December 1965
Philip to Michael’s party.
Did a short spell at the office – but isn’t there some work mounting up! Not quite so cold today. Cyril is off to the bank now and I must get Phil (though Peggy has actually written Cyril) ready for his party. Gillian has been out cycling.

Friday 31st December 1965
Oh! I’m so tired!! This afternoon, Eileen, Dad and I have been to London – and how we’ve walked – from Gamages though Oxford Street, down to Marble Arch! Caught the 6:52 home and we’ve been in to Phyl and Stan’s for a drink.Diary Shelf







4 thoughts on “Week : 52 and a bit… 27th-31st December 1965

  1. Thank you for sharing a year in the life of Peggy and your family, it has been so interesting to read and relate to. I hope you carry on!


  2. Looking forward to reading more when you have time to publish. I am Sheena’s sister. X
    Also worked at Mays, remember dancing with Peggy in the Albert Hall at a James Last concert!


    • Hi Jean. I remember you. I also went to a James Last concert at the Albert Hall with Mother, though I only remember her and I on that occasion. I remember it mainly because a strange, drunken man grabbed my arm whilst we were travelling home on the underground (it was late night) and he was pulling me one way and she was pulling me the other way. Don’t remember much about the concert though! Gill


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