Week 1 : 1st – 8th January 1966

Overwhelmingly, Peggy’s followers have asked us to continue for another year. How could we not!

So here is 1966….

  • A stamp – no first or second class until 1968 – cost 4d.
  • Camberwick Green was first broadcast on BBC 1 from 3rd January. Only 13 episodes were made, ending on 28th March.
  • Harold Wilson was the Prime Minister.
  • Longleat Safari Park opened its doors.
  • Moors murderers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley are sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of three children.
  • Oh and there’s the small matter of some football tournament taking place.

….. And here’s what matters to Peggy.

Saturday 1st January 1966
Did a load of washing this morning while Cyril went to Esher. Cyril and I, with the children, took Dad as far as Reading. Afterwards we had a walk around Heelas (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Lewis_Reading) – bought a few sale items – had tea out. Home about 6:35pm. I’ve spent the evening doing my accounts!!

Sunday 2nd January 1966
Not a very cheerful sort of day! We cleared up and put all the Christmas gear away for another 12 months. I’ve just posted an order to Gamages without the cheque. Cyril is not amused!!

Monday 3rd January 1966
It was nice not having to do the washing – finished it all yesterday. Eileen hoovered round while I was at work so there wasn’t much to do when I got in so we got cracking and Cyril took us as far as Surbiton and we’ve had a look round Kingston. The only part the children enjoyed was having tea and chocolate eclairs!

Tuesday 4th January 1966
Rang Joan.
Cyril wasn’t home to lunch – I worked this morning – Eileen and I have been baking (among other things) this afternoon. Rang Sainsbury’s and ordered a turkey for the weekend. Yummy! Philip doesn’t seem on top of the world today – bit weepy. He, Gill and I cleared the logs off the patio.

Wednesday 5th January 1966
Had a day off today – worked pretty hard at home though. Eileen went to town. I was very brave this afternoon and took the children to the village – on their bikes!! Had a cuppa with Avril and Nicky.

Thursday 6th January 1966
Cyril back from Cardiff & off to London Airport
Worked this morning and this evening. Eileen went to Kingston this morning. I took the children on the Heath – on their bikes. They loved it! Cold and frosty.

Friday 7th January 1966
Eileen brought the children up to the village to meet me today. I went into Strudwick’s and bought a tweed skirt – very nice one too – 28” waist. Gillian and I went to Esher this afternoon for the weekend shopping – Cyril picked us up at 5pm.
Bought a 16lb TURKEY for Sunday!

Saturday 8th January 1966
Redgrave’s party
Cyril not in a very good frame of mind today, I’m feeling terribly down! However, we made friends this afternoon and I took the children on their bikes to the Heath. Had a bath and shampoo after tea and we left for the Redgraves at 9p.m. Enjoyed their, rather noisy, party – home at 02:15am to find Eileen up with David and Diana here!





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