Week 2 : 9th-15th January 1966

Diary Shelf

The number one record for this week in 1966 was The Beatles – We Can Work It Out.

Sunday 9th January 1966

Joan and Fred coming to collect Eileen.
My word, my tiredness peak is on now – 11pm! I was up and ironing at 8am! Joan and Fred arrived before 10 and we’ve had a lovely day. They left at nine o’clock.

Monday 10th January 1966
School starts.
Very cold. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see snow tonight. Work didn’t go down very well this morning – school didn’t either for Gillian. She hated going.  (Obviously some sort of divine retribution now has Gillian working in a school!)

Tuesday 11th January 1966
Went back to work for a couple of hours this afternoon – to save bringing it home. Mr Murray seems to be piling more and more work on to me. Bitterly cold day – it tried to snow this afternoon. I believe there has been a fall at Guildford and Woking.

Wednesday 12th January 1966
Very busy at the office – I did a couple of hours this evening too. Still very cold. Philip lost his first tooth today and feels very brave! Living on turkey soup again!!! Letter from Rob. We’re beginning to look at holiday addresses.

Thursday 13th January 1966
I don’t know what I’ve been thinking about. It’s Sunday today and how am I to remember what we did on Thursday! I know, I went to work and I remember it was bitterly cold. Cyril brought Vic Fletcher to share our turkey soup lunch.

Friday 14th January 1966
Cyril brought me back from Esher – I’d gone in to the bank and to do the weekend shopping after work. Still very cold and trying to snow. Bought myself a jersey slip at the village sale to wear with skirt also bought at sale.

Saturday 15th January 1966
I did the washing – at least most of it this morning then had an hour or so in Kingston. Was looking for another sweater for me and socks for Phil – bought neither. Instead came back with a tie for Cyril, a pair of towels and a couple of wastepaper bins!
Had tea with Dick and Phyllis – a very pleasant afternoon. Home about 7:45. Played Canasta with Mary and Leonard.


Peggy’s recipe for Turkey Soup was so simple that she never wrote it down! Here, I’ve recreated it. In my memory it was the most wonderful thing and seemed to last forever!

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