Week 3 : 16th – 22nd January 1966


Diary Shelf

This week in 1966:-

  • Indira Gandhi is elected to become India’s first female Prime Minister.
  • January 16th sees the release of the film ‘Our Man Flint’ starring James Coburn, a James Bond parody – apparently!
  • Stefan Edberg the Swedish tennis player was born on January 19th.
  • On January 20th the MV Mi Amigo ran aground at Frinton on Sea following a storm and eight members of the crew were rescued. The MV Mi Amigo was better known as the pirate radio station, Radio Caroline!
  • The Beatles were still at Number 1 with Daytripper.

……. But, here’s what matters to Peggy!

Sunday 16th January 1966
Woke up to snow this morning. The children were out playing in it soon after nine! Car wouldn’t start at Sunday School time, so David T took them in his recently acquired Westminster.
Have just had a shampoo.

Monday 17th January 1966
Went along to Penny Nairne’s this afternoon – to look for a gaberdine for Phil. No luck – but I fell over on the way home!! Very slippery. It was hard work going out to Keep Fit – but I was glad I made the effort.

Tuesday 18th January 1966
Still very slippery. I had my birthday present from Cyril today – another Shetland jumper which I bought at Mrs Strudwick’s.
Young Wives starts again tonight.

Wednesday 19th January 1966
Had a good clean up this afternoon – even did some of the brass – must have had the message! Worked this evening too! Ivy came up for a cuppa this afternoon.

Thursday 20th January 1966
Cyril to Cardiff
Treacherous weather. The roads are a sheet of ice and there have been many accidents. I was glad Cyril didn’t have to go out by car – our car is in Oxshott Garage – brake sticking trouble.
Mrs James had lunch with me.

Friday 21st January 1966
My birthday – and aren’t I knocking them up! Had quite a fan mail – and the children came in to our room soon after seven singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and each clutching a potted hyacinth. Very nice. Worked till Midday. Cyril had a bad journey home – 80 minutes late!

Saturday 22nd January 1966
Gill Pantomime with Brownies.
Nasty foggy day. Cyril did the shopping while I washed and gave the beds a good make etc. Mary gave me a very useful pyrex for my birthday. Gillian has gone to the pantomime – we had a little look round Leatherhead this afternoon. Since then I’ve been keeping the fire warm and doing my books!
Canasta tonight with Mary and Leonard.


Thursday 21st January 2016 would have been Peggy’s 95th birthday. Please raise a glass and wish her a Happy Birthday, wherever she may be….!


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