Week 4 : 23rd – 29th January 1966

Diary Shelf

This week in 1966:

  • 23rd January – Bob Knievel and a group of friends give their first exhibition of motocycle stunts in California. Evel Knievel and the motorcycle daredevils were born. Knievel impressed the crowd by driving up a ramp and ‘jumping’ over two lorries parked end to end.
  • 24th January – Air India Flight 101 crashed into Mont Blanc killing all on board. The Boeing 707 came down in the same area as another Air India flight had crashed in November 1950.
  • Also on 24th January, Indira Gandhi is sworn in as Prime Minister of India.
  • 25th January – A Lockheed SR71 Blackbird spy plane disintegrated at 78,000 feet whilst flying at over Mach 3. The pilot survived thanks to his pressurised suit and parachute. The co-pilot however was not so lucky.
  • 26th January – Harold Holt became Prime Minister of Australia.
  • On the same day, three young children disappeared from Glenelg beach, near Adelaide in Australia. No trace of Jane, aged 9, Arnna, 7 or Grant Beaumont, aged 4, has ever been found.
  • 27th January – Hull North by-election, unexpectedly retained by the Labour Party, giving them a majority of just 3 seats.
  • 29th January – North America finds itself in the midst of a blizzard affecting most of the United States and Canada east of the Rocky Mountains. The cold spell brought record low temperatures, high winds and heavy snowfalls over a four day period.

And, The Overlanders were at number 1 with ‘Michelle’.

But, here’s what matters to Peggy……..

Sunday 23rd January 1966
Cyril not feeling too well – sore throat.
While the children were at Sunday School, Cyril and I went over to the Washerette at Claygate where I put the 3 flannelette sheets in the tumble drier!! Good idea. Shan’t have them hanging around drying all week now. Miserable wet day.

Monday 24th January 1966
Had to have an hour back at the office today as Mr Murray is going to Malta tonight. Perhaps I’ll be able to relax a little this week while he is away. Had my hair cut this afternoon. Wrote to Joan, Dad, Eileen C tonight.

Tuesday 25th January 1966
Worked until 1pm today as Cyril wasn’t in to lunch and this afternoon I’ve had a good go around the house. Went to bed – very tired at 9:30. Letter from Tim.

Wednesday 26th January 1966
Cyril to Glasgow tonight.
Very cold in the office as the heating wasn’t working. Made everyone miserable. I worked until twelve. Had half an hour with Ivy this afternoon. Helen has German Measles.

Thursday 27th January 1966
Mary’s birthday.
Have had a full day! Worked till 11am then went to coffee at Liz Burge’s to discuss forming a badminton club! Have become a member !!! Then I went to lunch with Mrs James at Claygate – back to work until the children came from school. Made up for it and cleaned the brass this evening!

Friday 28th January 1966
Cyril home tonight.
Quite mild today. I worked until one – so have put in many more hours this month. I’m feeling tired and achy tonight – maybe the ‘flu as I’ve read there is an epidemic spreading southwards. Cyril home about 7pm.

Saturday 29th January 1966
Cyril did the shopping and I did the washing and so on and then we all went to the village. Bought Phil a shirt and some gloves. We had a wasted afternoon really at Surbiton – dried the washing on the way at Claygate.
Mary and I beat the daylights out of the men at Canasta this evening!



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