Week 5 : 30th January-5th February 1966

The girls

L-R Peggy, Margaret, Muriel and Joan. Photo courtesy of Dave Sparks

Here’s what’s happening in the World this week in 1966:

  • 31st January 1966
  • The Soviet Union launch an unmanned lunar probe, Luna 9.
  • The UK ceases trade with Rhodesia.
  • Barbara Rooney, estranged wife of American actor Mickey Rooney, is killed in a murder-suicide by her boyfriend after announcing a reconciliation with her husband.
  • 1st February 1966
  • BOAC ceases all flights to Salisbury, Rhodesia.
  • Buster Keaton dies at the age of 70.
  • 3rd February 1966 – Luna 9 becomes the first object to make a controlled landing on the moon and transmits the first, ground level, photographs of the surface. Importantly, it was discovered that the moon’s surface was rock and would support a manned landing.
  • 4th February 1966 – Nippon Airways Boeing 727 crashes into Tokyo Bay killing all 133 people on board – the largest single flight plane disaster at the time.
  • 5th February 1966 – José Maria Olazábal, the Spanish golfer is born.

The Overlanders are still at number 1 with ‘Michelle’.
Film releases this week include, ‘The Rare Breed’ starring James Stewart, Maureen O’Hara and Juliet Mills.

And here’s what matters to Peggy:

Sunday 30th January 1966
Lovely Spring like day. I’ve washed and polished the car this afternoon and done a bit of gardening – Cyril gardened too. Of course we are all feeling the effects of our hard work this evening!

Monday 31st January 1966
I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be a very good morning – and I was right! Work has been piling up on me and everyone is rushing hither and thither. The one bright spot was my pay cheque – biggest yet! Went to Penny Nairne’s this afternoon – back with Hilary Chamberlain and had a cuppa with her before meeting children. Worked tonight.

Tuesday 1st February 1966
Work isn’t going down at all well this week – so much of it! We’re having a spell of really fine weather. I almost took the children on the heath after school – Gillian wanted to ride her bike round the block though – and Philip wanted to stay in.

Wednesday 2nd February 1966
Work is still bothering me. I’ve had a frustrating morning – went back in for an hour this afternoon and have had to work this evening. Trying to balance the books!!

Thursday 3rd February 1966
Gillian came home this afternoon complaining of a sore throat – I wonder if it is the first sign of the flu that is sweeping the country – or if it is German Measles?

Friday 4th February 1966
Poor Gill is very sorry for herself and running a high temperature. I rang Dr. Little and he has given her a bottle of Gantresen syrup. She is very tearful. I fetched my work home this morning and went in for a while this afternoon.

Scan0013 crop

From Peggy’s recipe book

Saturday 5th February 1966
Gillian very much better – her temperature is down but her throat is looking very red. Cyril (very sweetly!) took the washing to the Launderette and dried it – he chose a good time, no waiting. Then he went on to the model shop at Surbiton and collected the engines he had had overhauled.
Mary and Leonard came in for Canasta and we had our ‘fish meal’. Late night.




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