Week 6 : 6th-12th February 1966

Diary Shelf

This week in 1966:-

  • February 6th marks the birth of singer Rick Astley – Happy Birthday Rick!
  • February 10th – 50th birthday celebrations for Paul Hollywood. Should be quite a cake!

Also on February 10th the book, Valley of the Dolls by author Jacqueline Susann was published and heads for the top of the bestseller list.

Peggy would have been avidly following the cricket in Australia when the final and deciding Test Match of the ’65-’66 Ashes series opened in Melbourne on February 11th. On the same day, the Soviet Union launched the research satellite Kosmos 108.

At the 18th Directors Guild of America Awards on February 12th, The Sound of Music was named Best Film.

The Overlanders were still at Number 1 with ‘Michelle’.

But, here’s what matters to Peggy:-

Sunday 6th February 1966
Gillian full of beans and eating well – we let her come down at three to watch the figure skating. We’ve had an easy-ish sort of day. Haven’t done very much.

Monday 7th February 1966
Gillian really quite fit but have kept her at home today. She didn’t seem worried at being left on her own while I did my two hours at the office (I worried!). Keep Fit was very hard work tonight after two weeks away from it!

Tuesday 8th February 1966
Gill back at school and I worked until twelve. Very stiff this morning. I had a go at window cleaning, but found it very hard work. Have colour-glo-ed my hair this afternoon.

Wednesday 9th February 1966
Barrie rang from Paris.
Miserable wet day – and turning colder. Have left Gill at Brownies and have been helping Phil dismantle his Meccano. Cyril had a puncture on the way back at lunchtime.

Thursday 10th February 1966
I found work very tiring this morning – couldn’t get my figures right! I left at eleven and went to Leatherhead, where I bought some white plimsolls for badminton. I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Wonder if I’ll be stiff tomorrow? Phil’s gone to bed with a bad headache.

Friday 11th February 1966
Turned very cold today. I’ve worked most of the day to make up for my time off yesterday. Philip was quite fit this morning – Gillian looked poorly again at 3:30 – but recovered. Cyril home about quarter to six.

Saturday 12th February 1966
Gillian in bed again with a very sore and inflamed throat. Maybe we let her go back to school too soon after last weekend. Have had another busy Saturday. Cyril took the washing to Claygate again so that’s all dry and ironed. Did some Scotch Eggs this afternoon for the children’s tea and our supper.


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