Week 7 : 13th-19th February 1966

Family in Doris' Garden '64

Peggy, Cyril, Gill and Phil in Doris and Will’s back garden.

This week in 1966:-

  • February 14th – ‘C-Day’ Australia begins decimalisation of its currency with the introduction of the Australian dollar and the gradual phasing out of the Australian £ over the next two years.
  • February 15th – 17 people were killed in an accident in a tunnel near Locarno, Switzerland, when a drilling crew pierced a pocket of poisonous gas. Two of the dead were firemen from the rescue team.
  • February 17th – Died – Hans Hofmann, 85, German-born, American abstract painter.
  • February 18th – Born – Philip DeFreitas – England cricketer.

Nancy Sinatra takes over the number 1 slot with ‘These Boots are Made for Walkin’ on February 17th.

February 18th sees the release of the film ‘The Silencers’ starring Dean Martin, and
February 19th Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford star in ‘The Chase’.

But, here’s what fills Peggy’s week:-

Sunday 13th February 1966
Cold and trying to snow – Gillian much better again! What a funny thing this throat virus is – coming and going. We haven’t been out at all today – I’ve written to Dad and to Barrie and am just going to start one to our Mur!

Monday 14th February 1966
Left Gillian in bed this morning – she seems almost fit again and was quite unconcerned at being left on her own. Letter from Joan saying she and Fred won’t be able to make our cheese and wine party on Cyril’s birthday.

Tuesday 15th February 1966
School – day off
It was nice not having to rush about! We three went to Esher and had a big double stamp ‘do’! Cyril brought us home.
A lazy afternoon – in fact I dropped off on the sofa!

Wednesday 16th February 1966
Bitterly cold day. Gillian has gone back to school but not to Brownies. Went back to work this afternoon in an effort to get straight.

Thursday 17th February 1966
Not a very exciting day – worked this morning – had half a mind to go to Esher this morning to buy a badminton dress, but didn’t. Worked until twelve – Eileen L picked me up and we played badminton until half past four. Very nice too.

Friday 18th February 1966
Worked again this afternoon – trying to catch up so that there won’t be too much piling up next week. Wet, miserable afternoon. I went to Esher on the 12 o’clock bus and Cyril brought me home.

Saturday 19th February 1966
Cyril working.
Lovely washing morning – so I did it and dried it. Cyril finished at lunchtime – I took the children to the village on their bikes before lunch. We all went to Surbiton at 2pm – I went on to Kingston and bought myself some badminton gear!!! – short white skirt and top, feel a bit conspicuous in it!
Played Canasta and let the men win two games.


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