Week 8 : 20th-26th February 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world in 1966:-

20th February – Born – Cindy Crawford, American model and actress


Veterok and Ugoljok

22nd February – Soviet Union launch two dogs, Veterok and Ugoljok, into space aboard the satellite Kosmos 110. They spend 22 days in orbit before returning safely to earth on March 16th.
22nd February – British PM, Harold Wilson announced the withdrawal of UK troops from the Aden Protectorate by 1968, in accordance with the Defence White Paper which stated “we do not think it appropriate that we should maintain defence facilities there” following their Independence.
22nd February – Australian Grand Prix was won by Graham Hill.

And, here’s what’s happening in Peggy’s world:-

Sunday 20th February 1966
We were going to have an easy day, but I decided we should turn Philip’s bedroom carpet. We had to dismantle the bed and all first! Turned out a fine afternoon so we did a bit of gardening. Cyril did some potting this morning.

Monday 21st February 1966
School week off.
Went for a long, long walk with the children this afternoon – they cycled! I’ve developed a nasty sore throat and cold so didn’t go to Keep Fit. Had some work from the office anyway.

Tuesday 22nd February 1966
Have worked 5½ hours today and feel as though I have. My cold is worse. We took the children to Tolworth this afternoon – after 3:30. Phil had a haircut.
Very sad news tonight that Mr Findlay collapsed and died in Steels Lane this morning – I have been down with Mrs Findlay.

Wednesday 23rd February 1966
Cold still hanging heavily on. Cyril was off this morning, so I worked. Was going to take the children out this afternoon but it was too cold. Ivy came up for a cuppa.

Thursday 24th February 1966
Cyril to Cardiff.
YW Committee meeting 8:30pm
Oh dear – it’s Sunday now! What have I been doing? We had a very good badminton afternoon. Phyl sat in while I went to Westcourt House for meeting. Not very enlightening. Philip not at all well.

Friday 25th February 1966
Philip in bed with throat and high temperature. Gillian and he stopped in bed while I went to Mays (work) for a couple of hours. I had a baking session during the afternoon in readiness for Tim. Went to Pricerite this evening with Mary and David.

Saturday 26th February 1966
Cyril did the shopping and ordered two sprays for Mr Findlay’s funeral on Monday. Have done my washing and this afternoon I went to the office and put in 2¾ hours- so have brought my hours up a bit for Monday’s payday.
Mary and Leonard came in for Canasta – it finished up with them arguing rather noisily between themselves. The men won two games.


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