Week 9 :27th February – 5th March 1966

Diary Shelf

This week in the world in 1966:-

  • 28th February – Harold Wilson calls a General Election to take place on 31st March.
  • 1st March – Soviet space probe Venera 3 crashed on Venus, becoming the first spacecraft to land on another planet’s surface.
  • 1st March – Chancellor of the Exchequer, James Callaghan, announces plans for decimalisation of the £ Sterling to be effective by February 1971.
  • 4th March – In an interview for the London Evening Standard, John Lennon claims that The Beatles were “more famous than Jesus now“.
  • 4th March – A Canadian Pacific Airways DC8 crash landed at Tokyo International airport whilst attempting to land, killing all but 8 of the 72 on board.
  • 5th March – The very next day, a Boeing 707 belonging to BOAC broke up in mid air 20 minutes after leaving the very same airport, crashing onto Mount Fuji, killing all 124 on board.

Nancy Sinatra was still at Number 1 with ‘These Boots are made for Walking’.

Back in Oxshott, here’s what matters to Peggy:-

Sunday 27th February 1966
Rang Joan – 3 mins.
Philip seems much better and has been down this afternoon. Cyril has been working on the lid of the coal bunker – he seems tired and miserable tonight. I’m tired out too.

Monday 28th February 1966
Tim & Nell
Didn’t go to work. Philip stayed in bed until eleven. Tim rang from Wantage that they had had a slight breakdown – they arrived about twenty past two – Nell seems a very nice girl. Just leaving them to go to Keep Fit.

Tuesday 1st March 1966
Back to work & back to school!
Tim and Nell quite happy on their own. I didn’t go to Y.W. Instead, at 9pm Tim took Nell and I to The Cricketers at Downside where we had a good meal. Cyril had a heavy cold so went to bed.

Wednesday 2nd March 1966
David Cotham – Tim’s friend – at Sandhurst, came over about 5:15 and we have had a very nice dinner party with all the trimmings. Stacks of washing up afterwards.

Thursday 3rd March 1966
Cyril at Cardiff.
I’ve worked all morning, two hours this afternoon and an hour this evening. Raking it in!!! Tim and Nell have been to London – they look worn out now – home about 9pm. Philip has been very sick this evening.

Friday 4th March 1966
Phil O.K. this morning.
Worked until 11:30 – don’t suppose K.W.M. (Mr Murray – the boss) was very pleased when he got back from London and found a folder full of cheques for him to sign and no me to deal with them!! Tim and Nell went back at 2:45. Cyril home at 1:10pm – cold not too bad. Washed this afternoon.

Saturday 5th March 1966
Lovely day. I did another load of washing (7 sheets in 2 days!) while Cyril went to Esher. Then we all went to Surbiton – bought Cyril’s birthday present – an expensive cardigan – he also bought a pair of black shoes. Philip not looking at all well – he was very white when we were in Surbiton. Cyril has had a busy afternoon – potting the gloxinias, begonias and fuchsias. No Canasta tonight – or next week.
Rang B.H. (I can only think B.H. stands for Bexleyheath – where Doris lived) Doris has been in bed all week.


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