Week 10 : 6th-12th March 1966

Diary Shelf

The world this week in 1966:-

  • March 6th – Alan Davies (actor & comedian) is born in Loughton, Essex.
  • March 8th – an IRA bomb destroys ‘Nelson’s Column’ in Dublin.
  • March 9th – George Cornell is shot dead by Ronnie Kray at The Blind Beggar pub in Whitechapel, marking ‘the beginning of the end for the Krays’. Ronnie, and his twin brother, Reggie were both arrested for murder in 1968 and sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • March 10th – The Frost Report debuts on BBC1
  • March 11th – Chi-Chi, London Zoo’s giant panda flies to Moscow for a date with Russia’s giant panda, An-An, at Moscow Zoo.

Nancy Sinatra is still at number one with ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’.

Meanwhile, back in Oxshott, here’s what matters to Peggy:-

Sunday 6th March 1966
Beautiful day. Gillian and I went to Family Service at 10am. Came back and washed the car before lunch. Afterwards we all went out into the garden – at least Cyril was in the garage painting. I mowed the back lawn.

Monday 7th March 1966
Beautiful day again. Very busy at the office. I should have gone back this afternoon – but didn’t! Went along to Penny Nairne’s. After school I put in an hour or so in the garden. And went to Keep Fit.

Tuesday 8th March 1966
Another lovely day. Unfortunately I had to go back to work this afternoon so had no time for gardening. Been working for two hours this evening too! Earning plenty before the new tax year!

Wednesday 9th March 1966
Cyril’s birthday.
Cyril has had twelve cards today! And a half day. We have both been gardening this afternoon and Cyril has finished the frame of the bunker. Worked until 12 – there’s still a lot piling up.

Thursday 10th March 1966
Cyril to Cardiff.
Coo – I’ve worked hard this evening – only just finished -11:15pm. I’ve washed, ironed, polished floors and brass, made cakes, cleaned shoes and I’m about whacked. Had a very hectic badminton session too – only nine of us turned up so we had plenty of games.

Friday 11th March 1966
Cyril was home about 1:00pm. I went back with him to Esher – banked (for cash) and shopped and came home on the 3:20 bus. Busy evening preparing for tomorrow.

Saturday 12th March 1966
Cheese and wine party.
Letter from Dad that he is better and back at work. We all went to the village and to Leatherhead, then it was on with the work. We were all ready by 8:00pm. Actually, I was in the bath when Molly and Ted arrived. Party didn’t seem to go as well as last year – missed Joan and Fred. Dick and Phyllis couldn’t come. There were 16 guests I think. Broke up about 12:15 am – we were in bed by two.




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