Week 11 : 13th – 19th March 1966


Diary Shelf

Here’s what Peggy might have heard on the news:-

  • 16th March – The first docking of two spacecraft in orbit. Gemini 8, piloted by Neil Armstrong and co-pilot David Scott, docked with the unmanned craft Agena. However, a ‘stuck thruster’ caused the docked vehicles to roll uncontrollably in space and Gemini 8 was forced to separate and return to earth.
  • Also on the 16th March, you’ll be pleased to hear that the two dogs, Veterok and Ugolyok, returned safely to earth following 22 days aloft in the Soviet satellite, Kosmos 110. This remains the longest space flight by dogs, and was not surpassed by humans until 1971.

18th March – BORN: Peter Jones, British entrepreneur and one of the original Dragons from the Dragons’ Den.

The number one record of the day was ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ by the Walker Brothers.


And here’s what’s happening in Peggy’s world:-

Sunday 13th March 1966
Very tired this morning and have had an easy day – Ron Fuzzey came over and collected the table leaf to mend it. We have been out with him and his family this afternoon – to Friday Street. Oh I am tired tonight!!

Monday 14th March 1966
Joan rang while I was at Keep Fit this evening to say that Ted is being married on the 26th! He could have told me.
Didn’t feel very energetic at Keep Fit, had been round to Knipp Hill during the afternoon

Tuesday 15th March 1966
Young Wives.
Rang Rob.
Joan’s letter arrived with the news of the wedding. She is very concerned about Pa and I’ve started worrying too. Am thinking of writing to Jim tonight to see if he can’t go and see the old boy from time to time.

Wednesday 16th March 1966
Very good YW last night and it went on very late. Cyril was in bed and asleep when I got in about quarter to eleven. Joan rang again last night. Have written to her today.

Thursday 17th March 1966
Cyril in Cardiff.
I was hoping Joan would ring but she didn’t. Phyl came in during the evening. I’m still feeling down in the dumps. Trouble is it’s making me eat!!

Friday 18th March 1966
Nice morning for our walk to school! I’ve mowed the lawns – back and front this afternoon. Spent over an hour down with Mrs Findlay. Brought back a pile of washing to do for her and she gave me Percy’s electric razor for Cyril.

Saturday 19th March 1966
We all went to Esher – had a coffee out and then home to the washing and lunch! I managed to do all my chores and then have a few hours in the garden. Have fed the back lawn. Rang Joan but she was out.
Played Canasta – Mary and I won two games.


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