Week 12 : 20th -26th March 1966


Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:-

  • 20th March – FIFA’s Jules Rimet World Cup trophy is stolen whilst being exhibited in Central London.
  • 21st March – The Ajax Wrecking and Lumber Corporation begin clearing a site in Lower Manhattan in order to make way for the planned construction of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre.
  • 23rd March – Pope Paul VI receives Michael Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury in Rome. The first meeting in 400 years of leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England. At this meeting the two leaders exchanged rings and Pope Paul’s ring has been worn by every Archbishop of Canterbury at subsequent meetings of the churches leaders.
  • 26th March – The 120th Grand National at Aintree is won by Anglo with Tim Norman in the saddle.

But, in Peggy’s world, here’s what matters:-

Sunday 20th March 1966
Spoke to Joan this morning. She didn’t sound too bright. I had a lovely Azalea and a bowl of fruit for Mother’s Day. Putting on weight so couldn’t have sweets! We’ve all been to church this afternoon. Fed the front lawn afterwards.

Monday 21st March 1966
Terribly busy at work so had to go back this afternoon – didn’t feel like Keep Fit but made the effort. Managed to finish all the ironing before tea. Watered the back lawn to help the fertilizer! Joan rang and we’ve fixed up for Sunday.

Tuesday 22nd March 1966
Been to Esher this lunch time and have ordered a turkey to take on Sunday. Should have gone back to work but really I’ve had enough for one day!

Wednesday 23rd March 1966
Feeling terribly tired today – didn’t have a very good night last night as I had lots of work problems on my mind. Had to go in again this afternoon. Trying to rain – the lawn badly needs it!

Thursday 24th March 1966
The office was like a madhouse this morning. I was glad to get away at 12 o’clock. Played badminton all afternoon – Cyril picked us up and brought us home. Been baking this evening in readiness for Doris and Co. on Saturday.

Friday 25th March 1966
Worked till twelve – then made my getaway!! Feeling terribly tired this week as I’m not sleeping very well. Joan rang this evening. All okay for Sunday. Have done my washing- some of it!! Cyril ironed most of it – bless him!

Saturday 26th March 1966
Doris and Will, Fred & Sue (?) for tea
Poor Doris is very bad on her feet and seems to be in a great deal of pain. They all seemed to enjoy their day here – arrived about 2:45, left 7:30 – Sue and Fred have a beautiful baby. We all went out early this morning after Cyril had done the main shopping. Going to bed early tonight.


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