Week 13 : 27th March – 2nd April 1966

Gill & Phil School

Gill and Phil at school

Here’s what’s being talked about around the country this week:-

  • March 27th – Don’t panic! Pickles the dog finds the Jules Rimet Trophy in his South London front garden, earning his owner a £10,000 reward.
  • March 31st – The Labour Party, led by Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, won the General Election. Labour gained 48 seats and the Conservatives lost 52, giving the Labour Party a 364:253 majority over the Conservative Party and an overall majority of 49 seats.

Born: Chris Evans, radio presenter on April 1st in Warrington. (Happy Birthday Chris!)
Died: C.S. Forester, novelist  and author of the Hornblower stories, on April 2nd, aged 66.

The Walker Brothers were still at No.1 with ‘The Sun ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’.

But here’s what’s on Peggy’s mind this week:-

Sunday 27th March 1966
All of us to Sedgeberrow today.
Cyril, Di, Gill and Phil set off at 7:45am. David, Leonard, Mary and I at 8:20am.
A terrible day of gale force winds and rain! However, we all arrived at Sedge. just before eleven and have had a lovely day. I went over to see Rob and Mag. We left at 6:45pm. Home 9:30pm. Leonard & Mary stayed on until 8:30pm.

Back: Fred, Mary, David, Leonard, Joan, Peggy, Phil. Front: Tim, Eileen, Cyril, (Gill), Di.

Back: Fred, Mary, David, Leonard, Joan, Peggy, Phil. Front: Tim, Eileen, Cyril, (Gill), Di.  Photo courtesy of Eileen.

Monday 28th March 1966
Not quite so windy thank goodness. Phil and Gill very tired this morning. So are we. Have had such a lot of work that I had to go back this afternoon. Last Keep Fit session tonight.

Tuesday 29th March 1966
Young Wives.
Worked until quarter past one today and have told KWM that I feel there is too much work for the time I can give. Hope he doesn’t fire me!!! Very cold and windy still. I must try and write some letters before YW.

Wednesday 30th March 1966
Cyril brought Mr Lobell home to lunch – fortunately I had enough chicken casserole – made a prawn cocktail and put a bottle of wine in the fridge. Very nice too – and I went back to work this afternoon!

Thursday 31st March 1966
Election Day.
Have to wash Mrs Findlay’s curtains this morning.
Must remember to put an hour’s work on my time sheet for last night and ½hr this morning. I only went to put my books in, but I got caught. Took the children out for coffee and then bike riding on the Heath. A very energetic afternoon playing Badminton. Sat up until midnight watching the Tories losing all the marginal seats!

Friday 1st April 1966
Worked through lunch until 3.30pm – Cyril wasn’t due in from Cardiff until six.

Saturday 2nd April 1966
Gillian to Sarah’s party.
Have had a lovely Saturday. We all went out together to Esher (Bank first!), from there to Claygate – I forget what for! From there to Cobham, where we had our lunch. It was a treat not having to cook it or wash it up! Cooked this evening for our Canasta session – and what a hilarious evening it turned out to be. We drank two bottles of wine and some Creme de Menthe – oh we did laugh!! Went on until nearly one a.m.


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