Week 17 : 24th-30th April 1966

The girls

L-R Peggy, Margaret, Muriel and Joan. Photo courtesy of Dave Sparks


Here’s what was happening in the world this week in 1966:-

  • April 25th – The Kelud Volcano in East Java, Indonesia erupted for three days, killing 215 people and destroying two villages.
  • 11 schoolchildren aged 7 and 8 were killed by a drunken driver in Belgium.
  • The first edition of the Morning Star newspaper was issued in the UK.
  • April 30th – Regular hovercraft services began between Ramsgate and Calais. 36 passengers would pay £2.2/= (£2.10p) each.

Dusty Springfield took over the Number 1 slot on April 28th with ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’.

But here’s what’s interesting Peggy:-

Sunday 24th April 1966
Real April weather. Sun came out this afternoon – we set off at 1:30 and made for the Bluebell Line – kept our destination a secret from the children. They loved it. We picked lots of Primroses. Home soon after 6pm.

Monday 25th April 1966
Back to school.
A beautiful sunny and warm day. Such a pity the children had to go back to school. Gill wasn’t at all keen. Philip was very tired when he came home. I mowed the lawns this evening. A hectic morning at work. Judy has left.

Tuesday 26th April 1966
Have been at work all day again. Shall be up in the Super Tax bracket if I go on like this!! Quite nice day again. Cyril rang the Bank Manager to see if we can get a loan to buy another car!

Wednesday 27th April 1966
Worked till 3:30pm again today. We had a lovely lunch – a great treat – Scotch Salmon! with salad. Cyril thought I had absconded with the firm’s money! Lovely afternoon but wet morning.

Thursday 28th April 1966
My Provisional Licence came today and I hope to have a go tomorrow! Worked this morning and had such a surprise when Mr Murray told me he was putting my rate up to 7/6 (37½p!) per hour. Be in the Super Tax bracket for sure!!! Good games of badminton this afternoon.

Friday 29th April 1966
We’ve had a lovely day. I worked until eleven – then Cyril and I went to Esher and saw the Bank Manager and he agreed to a loan of £500! We’re very lucky to get it. Then we had a steak lunch at the Cricketers. Met the children and went off car looking!!!! We were out until nearly nine – children had no tea either! We have almost settled for a 1964 Corsair.


A Ford Corsair. The right colour, and the correct number of doors, but this one looks to have been lowered (either that or its springs are very tired).

Saturday 30th April 1966
Dave’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Uncle Dave!)
Beautiful summery weather. Gillian went to Fiona’s party this afternoon – we went to Pippbrook Garages (In Dorking. Owned by well known Formula 1 entrant Rob Walker) and clinched the deal for the Corsair, listed at £555 – I think Cyril talked the salesman down £20, but we have to pay for wing mirrors £3.10.0. We pick the car up on Friday. Played Canasta.


Week 16 : 17th-23rd April 1966

Diary Shelf

In the news this week in 1966:-

  • 18th April – The Sound of Music (coincidentally Peggy’s favourite film) earned five Oscars out of ten nominations, including the award for Best Picture, at the 38th Academy Awards.
  • 19th April – Ian Brady and Myra Hindley went on trial at Chester Crown Court for the murder of three children who had disappeared between November 1963 and October 1965.
  • 21st April – The opening of Parliament was televised for the first time.
  • 22nd April – Gurkha Lance-Corporal Rambahadur Limbu of the 10th Gurkha Rifles was awarded the Victoria Cross for heroism at Sarawak on 21st November 1965. The first time the medal had been awarded for 12 years.

But this is what is going on in Oxshott:-

Sunday 17th April 1966
Still very cold. Children slept later than usual after their very late night! Joan rang tonight. Have been going to write to Pa but haven’t.

Monday 18th April 1966
Filthy day. Didn’t attempt the washing – I’ve shampooed my hair this afternoon. The children have been very good all day. Had the clockwork train down – we’ve made stations etc with Betta Bilda (early, poor man’s Lego!). Worked for four hours today.

Tuesday 19th April 1966
Another very filthy day. I did venture out with the children this morning – up to the village on their bikes – I did a spell in the office and have also worked at home for 1¼hrs this evening. I shall be glad to get back to my daytime stint!

Wednesday 20th April 1966
No improvement in the weather and it’s still very cold – frost warning tonight – so in with the geraniums. I worked from 5:15 until 8:00pm tonight and worked this afternoon. Children have been very good.

Thursday 21st April 1966
Cyril day off.
Beautiful day. Took Gill to Dr Little. He says it’s her adenoids giving her this cough and catarrh. Have a big bottle of Gantrisen for her and Phil and more cough mixture. We had a nice morning in Tolworth then went to the second hand book sale in the village. Gill found some good books. I’ve played Badminton this afternoon and worked for 1½ hours tonight.

Friday 22nd April 1966
Cyril day off.
Went to the office until 11am – Cyril picked me up and we all went to Esher – Mary as well. Raining hard. We did most of the weekend shopping. After lunch we went into Surbiton for my pressure cooker with Green Shield stamps! Had tea and cakes out. Took Gill’s mirror to be re-silvered.

Saturday 23rd April 1966
Cyril finished off the shopping this morning while I washed. I had an urgent call from the office and had to go up for ¾hr this afternoon to settle an account. Cyril was quite narked about it and we have been on a ‘non-talking’ basis since!!! I took the children on the heath when I’d finished at Mays.
Played Canasta.

Week 15 : 10th-16th April 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what was happening this week in 1966:-

  • 11th April – The inaugural Singapore Grand Prix was won by Lee Han Seng of Singapore. The race was discontinued in 1973, but revived 35 years later in 2008.
  • 17th April – Ian Smith, the Prime Minister of Rhodesia, announced the severing of the last of its official ties to the United Kingdom with the closure of the British Mission in Salisbury, Rhodesia.
  • 17th April – The BBC transmitter at Wrotham in Kent, became the first BBC transmitter to broadcast in stereo.

DIED: on 10th April – Evelyn Waugh, British writer, at the age of 62

At Number 1 was ‘Somebody Help Me’, by The Spencer Davis Group.

And here’s what matters to Peggy:-

Sunday 10th April 1966 – Easter Day
The two had lots of Easter Eggs – 5 each!!
We were all set to go out this afternoon when we had a sharp shower – so I had a nap on the bed and the children watched Peter Pan. It’s fine again now – but we’re all too lazy to get ready. I may write some letters.

Monday 11th April 1966 – Easter Monday
A nasty, wet and dull day. Cyril was able to tidy up the front garden – I caught up with the washing. We were going out straight after lunch but it rained again. However we did have a ride to Downside after 4pm.

Tuesday 12th April 1966
We had a bad night with Phil – he was coughing for a long time. I went up to the village with Cyril – dropped my books at the office and got some meat. Went up again after lunch and banked and have done 2¼ hours this evening. Phil not too bad – in bed all day.

Wednesday 13th April 1966
Cyril to Cardiff.
David M. did ‘Bob-a-Jobbing’ for me this afternoon – he sat in while I did a couple of hours at the office. Worked very late this evening too.

Thursday 14th April 1966
Snow, snow and more snow!
Poor Cyril was in the thick of it at Cardiff, plodding along in 9″ of snow and waiting on Cardiff Station from 11am-2:30pm! He was tired and cold when he got home at six. I had to go to the office in the evening.

Friday 15th April 1966
Gillian and Philip couldn’t keep their dental appointments – so I went in their stead and had my fitting replaced. Cyril recovered from his trip and had a meeting in Town this afternoon. I worked this evening.

Saturday 16th April 1966
Cyril did the shopping. After lunch I went to Mays. While there, Cyril rang me to say that Barrie and family were on their way. Thank goodness I had something in for tea. It was lovely seeing them. Betty, Jenny and David are very nice. They were all tired after having been travelling since 5am! They left at 10:30pm – Gillian still up!

Week 14 : 3rd-9th April 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week, here’s what’s happening:-

  • April 3rd – Soviet lunar probe, Luna 10, becomes the first man-made object to orbit the moon. Luna 10 made a complete orbit of the moon, every 3 hours and transmitted signals back to earth until May 30th.
  • April 3rd – The new British passenger ship, Anzio, ran aground near the mouth of the Humber River during gales, whilst being delivered to its new owners in Inverness. The Captain and all 12 crew members were lost.
  • April 5th – The final episode of the TV show ‘Dr Kildare’ was broadcast on NBC television.

DIED: On April 3rd – Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, Italian car designer – aged 72.
BORN: On April 7th – Michaela Strachan, TV presenter, in Ewell, Surrey. (Happy Birthday Michaela!)
BORN: On April 8th – American actress, Robin Wright, in Dallas Texas. (Forest Gump)

The Walker Brothers were still at No. 1 with ‘The Sun ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore

And here’s what’s happening in Peggy’s world:-

Sunday 3rd April 1966
Gillian to Michelle’s party.
Was very tired this morning. However, we got through the morning. Took Gill to her party. I’ve even found the energy to mow the back lawn. Going to have my bath now and then write some letters.

Monday 4th April 1966
Worked hard today – and this evening. In fact, I’ve done six hours. Good thing there was no Keep Fit. I did my exercises mowing the front lawn after tea.

Tuesday 5th April 1966
Gillian and I had our hair cut this evening – and I’ve shampooed us both. I could kick myself – I’ve forgotten Ted Smith’s birthday – and Ellen de Rooij’s.

Wednesday 6th April 1966
Worked all day again today. Knocking up the hours. I was going to write some letters this evening, but got stuck into a book instead – then Mrs Findlay came up.

Thursday 7th April 1966
School breaks up.
Car tested and passed!
Cyril and I went after some flower pots advertised in the Esher News today – got quite a pile – and four amaryllis plants for 10/- (50p)!! We’ve done the weekend shopping in Esher and also been to Cobham for soil.

Friday 8th April 1966 (Good Friday)
We’ve had a “non-rushing” day. Had a lie in – children stayed in bed while we went up for the fish. Cyril has done a lot of gardening. I’ve been baking this afternoon. Lovely weather.

Saturday 9th April 1966
Oh a nasty wet day – the weather the West Country had yesterday – it’s our turn today. Cyril did the little bit of shopping. The children and I had a dusty time cleaning the springs of Gill’s bed! I went up to the office for 2½ hours – was there on my own, no one else came in!
Played Canasta.