Week 14 : 3rd-9th April 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week, here’s what’s happening:-

  • April 3rd – Soviet lunar probe, Luna 10, becomes the first man-made object to orbit the moon. Luna 10 made a complete orbit of the moon, every 3 hours and transmitted signals back to earth until May 30th.
  • April 3rd – The new British passenger ship, Anzio, ran aground near the mouth of the Humber River during gales, whilst being delivered to its new owners in Inverness. The Captain and all 12 crew members were lost.
  • April 5th – The final episode of the TV show ‘Dr Kildare’ was broadcast on NBC television.

DIED: On April 3rd – Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, Italian car designer – aged 72.
BORN: On April 7th – Michaela Strachan, TV presenter, in Ewell, Surrey. (Happy Birthday Michaela!)
BORN: On April 8th – American actress, Robin Wright, in Dallas Texas. (Forest Gump)

The Walker Brothers were still at No. 1 with ‘The Sun ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore

And here’s what’s happening in Peggy’s world:-

Sunday 3rd April 1966
Gillian to Michelle’s party.
Was very tired this morning. However, we got through the morning. Took Gill to her party. I’ve even found the energy to mow the back lawn. Going to have my bath now and then write some letters.

Monday 4th April 1966
Worked hard today – and this evening. In fact, I’ve done six hours. Good thing there was no Keep Fit. I did my exercises mowing the front lawn after tea.

Tuesday 5th April 1966
Gillian and I had our hair cut this evening – and I’ve shampooed us both. I could kick myself – I’ve forgotten Ted Smith’s birthday – and Ellen de Rooij’s.

Wednesday 6th April 1966
Worked all day again today. Knocking up the hours. I was going to write some letters this evening, but got stuck into a book instead – then Mrs Findlay came up.

Thursday 7th April 1966
School breaks up.
Car tested and passed!
Cyril and I went after some flower pots advertised in the Esher News today – got quite a pile – and four amaryllis plants for 10/- (50p)!! We’ve done the weekend shopping in Esher and also been to Cobham for soil.

Friday 8th April 1966 (Good Friday)
We’ve had a “non-rushing” day. Had a lie in – children stayed in bed while we went up for the fish. Cyril has done a lot of gardening. I’ve been baking this afternoon. Lovely weather.

Saturday 9th April 1966
Oh a nasty wet day – the weather the West Country had yesterday – it’s our turn today. Cyril did the little bit of shopping. The children and I had a dusty time cleaning the springs of Gill’s bed! I went up to the office for 2½ hours – was there on my own, no one else came in!
Played Canasta.


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