Week 15 : 10th-16th April 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what was happening this week in 1966:-

  • 11th April – The inaugural Singapore Grand Prix was won by Lee Han Seng of Singapore. The race was discontinued in 1973, but revived 35 years later in 2008.
  • 17th April – Ian Smith, the Prime Minister of Rhodesia, announced the severing of the last of its official ties to the United Kingdom with the closure of the British Mission in Salisbury, Rhodesia.
  • 17th April – The BBC transmitter at Wrotham in Kent, became the first BBC transmitter to broadcast in stereo.

DIED: on 10th April – Evelyn Waugh, British writer, at the age of 62

At Number 1 was ‘Somebody Help Me’, by The Spencer Davis Group.

And here’s what matters to Peggy:-

Sunday 10th April 1966 – Easter Day
The two had lots of Easter Eggs – 5 each!!
We were all set to go out this afternoon when we had a sharp shower – so I had a nap on the bed and the children watched Peter Pan. It’s fine again now – but we’re all too lazy to get ready. I may write some letters.

Monday 11th April 1966 – Easter Monday
A nasty, wet and dull day. Cyril was able to tidy up the front garden – I caught up with the washing. We were going out straight after lunch but it rained again. However we did have a ride to Downside after 4pm.

Tuesday 12th April 1966
We had a bad night with Phil – he was coughing for a long time. I went up to the village with Cyril – dropped my books at the office and got some meat. Went up again after lunch and banked and have done 2¼ hours this evening. Phil not too bad – in bed all day.

Wednesday 13th April 1966
Cyril to Cardiff.
David M. did ‘Bob-a-Jobbing’ for me this afternoon – he sat in while I did a couple of hours at the office. Worked very late this evening too.

Thursday 14th April 1966
Snow, snow and more snow!
Poor Cyril was in the thick of it at Cardiff, plodding along in 9″ of snow and waiting on Cardiff Station from 11am-2:30pm! He was tired and cold when he got home at six. I had to go to the office in the evening.

Friday 15th April 1966
Gillian and Philip couldn’t keep their dental appointments – so I went in their stead and had my fitting replaced. Cyril recovered from his trip and had a meeting in Town this afternoon. I worked this evening.

Saturday 16th April 1966
Cyril did the shopping. After lunch I went to Mays. While there, Cyril rang me to say that Barrie and family were on their way. Thank goodness I had something in for tea. It was lovely seeing them. Betty, Jenny and David are very nice. They were all tired after having been travelling since 5am! They left at 10:30pm – Gillian still up!


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