Week 17 : 24th-30th April 1966

The girls

L-R Peggy, Margaret, Muriel and Joan. Photo courtesy of Dave Sparks


Here’s what was happening in the world this week in 1966:-

  • April 25th – The Kelud Volcano in East Java, Indonesia erupted for three days, killing 215 people and destroying two villages.
  • 11 schoolchildren aged 7 and 8 were killed by a drunken driver in Belgium.
  • The first edition of the Morning Star newspaper was issued in the UK.
  • April 30th – Regular hovercraft services began between Ramsgate and Calais. 36 passengers would pay £2.2/= (£2.10p) each.

Dusty Springfield took over the Number 1 slot on April 28th with ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’.

But here’s what’s interesting Peggy:-

Sunday 24th April 1966
Real April weather. Sun came out this afternoon – we set off at 1:30 and made for the Bluebell Line – kept our destination a secret from the children. They loved it. We picked lots of Primroses. Home soon after 6pm.

Monday 25th April 1966
Back to school.
A beautiful sunny and warm day. Such a pity the children had to go back to school. Gill wasn’t at all keen. Philip was very tired when he came home. I mowed the lawns this evening. A hectic morning at work. Judy has left.

Tuesday 26th April 1966
Have been at work all day again. Shall be up in the Super Tax bracket if I go on like this!! Quite nice day again. Cyril rang the Bank Manager to see if we can get a loan to buy another car!

Wednesday 27th April 1966
Worked till 3:30pm again today. We had a lovely lunch – a great treat – Scotch Salmon! with salad. Cyril thought I had absconded with the firm’s money! Lovely afternoon but wet morning.

Thursday 28th April 1966
My Provisional Licence came today and I hope to have a go tomorrow! Worked this morning and had such a surprise when Mr Murray told me he was putting my rate up to 7/6 (37½p!) per hour. Be in the Super Tax bracket for sure!!! Good games of badminton this afternoon.

Friday 29th April 1966
We’ve had a lovely day. I worked until eleven – then Cyril and I went to Esher and saw the Bank Manager and he agreed to a loan of £500! We’re very lucky to get it. Then we had a steak lunch at the Cricketers. Met the children and went off car looking!!!! We were out until nearly nine – children had no tea either! We have almost settled for a 1964 Corsair.


A Ford Corsair. The right colour, and the correct number of doors, but this one looks to have been lowered (either that or its springs are very tired).

Saturday 30th April 1966
Dave’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Uncle Dave!)
Beautiful summery weather. Gillian went to Fiona’s party this afternoon – we went to Pippbrook Garages (In Dorking. Owned by well known Formula 1 entrant Rob Walker) and clinched the deal for the Corsair, listed at £555 – I think Cyril talked the salesman down £20, but we have to pay for wing mirrors £3.10.0. We pick the car up on Friday. Played Canasta.


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