Week 22 : 29th May-4th June 1966

Diary Shelf

In the news this week in 1966:-

30th May – Graham Hill won the 50th Indianapolis 500 ahaed of Jim Clark.

Surveyor 12nd June – Surveyor 1 became the first spacecraft to make a ‘soft’ landing in the ‘Sea of Storms’ on the moon after a 63 hour journey. Within hours, Surveyor 1 began transmitting television pictures back to NASA.

3rd June – BORN: Wasim Akram – Pakistani cricketer.



Back in Oxshott, this is what’s keeping Peggy busy:-

Sunday 29th May 1966
Poor Cyril has a horrible abscess – he’s been very worried about it and so am I now! I wish it weren’t holiday time and that he could go to Doctor Little tomorrow. We’ve bathed it and done all we can and I’ve made him have an easy day. Haven’t done my month end accounts yet.

Monday 30th May 1966
Day off
Beautiful day. Cyril spent the morning in bed resting his legs – his abscess hasn’t burst yet. He is going to Dr L in the morning. I did a machine full of washing and have taken the children on the Heath this afternoon.

Tuesday 31st May 1966
Went to the office this morning for a little while – brought a load of work home. Went to Young Wives and had a very interesting evening listening to Eric Morgan on marketing and came home loaded with free gifts – Shift, toothpaste, magnesia, sparkling spring, Andrews, Rose Hip Syrup. What a bumper bundle. (Wonder how Cyril got on at the Doctors?)

Wednesday 1st June 1966
Had a very busy 1½hrs at the office this morning – and have worked hard this evening for 2½hrs. I took the children to Chessington Zoo and caught the sun! We saw Harry Secombe, Jimmy Hanley and George Cansdale naming a baby Iguana. Went with Cyril to collect the Corsair. (She doesn’t say from where!)

Thursday 2nd June 1966
Have had a smashing day at Clymping (often alternatively spelled Climping). We were there for 10:30 – a good ride in the Corsair. the Fuzzeys joined us just before 12. We’ve had a lot of sea and sun. Left about six-ish. Stopped off at Ron and Gwen’s for a cuppa, bought some fish and chips, and home about 8:45. Children very tired.

Friday 3rd June 1966
Philip dental 11:45
Did a couple of hours at the office this morning and evening – left children at home this morning. Very tired today – must be after effects of yesterday! Have done a big load of washing and ironing – and one blanket. Nicky came down to play this afternoon.

Saturday 4th June 1966
We had a morning out shopping – a salad lunch and pottered in the afternoon. The children had the pool out and I shampooed the three of us.
Played Canasta and enjoyed a fresh salmon salad for supper.


Week 21 : 22nd-28th May 1966

Diary Shelf

This week in 1966:-

  • May 22nd – The final episode of the legal drama, ‘Perry Mason’, starring Raymond Burr, was shown on CBS.
  • The 1966 Formula One season opened with the Monaco Grand Prix, which was won by Jackie Stewart. Apart from Stewart, only three other cars crossed the finish line.  To this day, this race holds the record for having the fewest classified finishers in a single race in Formula One history.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1966_Monaco_Grand_Prix
  • May 26th – The colony of British Guiana was granted Independence as the Nation of Guyana. Forbes Burnham became its first Prime Minister.
  • BORN: Helena Bonham-Carter, British actress in Hampstead, London.
  • BORN: Zola Budd, South African born runner. Famous for running barefoot and infamous for the preferentially fast-tracked British citizenship that enabled her to represent the UK at the 1984 Olympics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zola_Budd
  • BORN: Heston Blumenthal, celebrity Chef, in London.


Meanwhile, back in Oxshott……

Sunday 22nd May 1966
Showery day. Tim, Margaretha, the children and I went out this morning – to Bushey Park. Very nice lunch – then we heard Mary and Leonard were going to Brighton, so they took Margaretha back with them. Tim went bowling with David and Di then all back here to tea and Tim left at 7. Heard he arrived home at 10pm.

Monday 23rd May 1966
Had to go back to work this afternoon and bring some home. Good thing I had finished the washing last night. Mowed the lawns after tea. Was expecting a ring from Joan, but didn’t get one.

Tuesday 24th May 1966
Gillian is hard at it this evening – trying to darn – for her Golden Bar at Brownies! Worked again this afternoon in an endeavour to get up to date. Tonight I’m going to get up to date on my letter writing – I hope!

Wednesday 25th May 1966
Have been to the P.T.A. tonight and volunteered for Cycle Training! I hope I’ll be able to fit it in!! Worked right  through from 9am-2:15 today and was very tired. Carol gave me a lift home. Mr M (Mr. Murray, the boss) will be in tomorrow.

Thursday 26th May 1966
Worked until eleven. Mr M back in harness. Cyril brought George Pritchard, George Bennett and Hugh McGilvray home to lunch. I was ready for badminton at 2:15 – but left about four.

Friday 27th May 1966
Last day at school
I worked until quarter past eleven – no half past. Cyril brought the car up to the office and picked me up. We had an early lunch then went out and shopped. Thank goodness we’ve done the bulk of the weekend shopping.

Saturday 28th May 1966
We only had to go to the village this morning – thank goodness, as I believe there was quite a lot of traffic in Esher – and queueing! Joan rang this evening – she had a weekend off from seeing Dad as Rob and Maggie were going over.
Played Canasta – ladies won all three games!

Week 20 : 15th-21st May 1966


This week:-

  • May 16th – British Merchant Marines went on strike demanding a 40-hour week and higher wages (there’s a fascinating contemporary Spectator article here). At the times, Britain’s seamen were amongst the worst paid with base pay of around £27 for a 56-hour week.  British ports were tied up with as many as 400 vessels and, a commentator noted, the walkout, “could achieve what German submarines failed to accomplish in two world wars” and idle the Royal Navy.
    – The Beach Boys released their album ‘Pet Sounds’.
    – Bob Dylan’s album ‘Blonde On Blonde’ was released.
    BORN: Janet Jackson in Gary, Indiana.
  • May 21st – Cassius Clay beat Henry Cooper when the referee stopped the fight in the sixth round, held at Highbury, the home of Arsenal FC in London (here’s what the Chicago Tribune had to say).

But here’s what matters in Oxshott:-

Sunday 15th May 1966
Very warm and sunny. While the children were at Sunday School, Cyril gave me an hour’s tuition – hill starts and reversing. A little better than last Sunday. We’ve been for a ride out in the country this afternoon. Joan rang.

Monday 16th May 1966
Cyril to Liverpool and Carlisle.
Another warm and sunny day. I’ve been wondering if Rob and Maggie will get away tomorrow because of the Seamen’s strike. Looks like being pretty serious. Cyril has gone off to Liverpool. I’ve been very busy – as usual!!

Tuesday 17th May 1966
Worked until one today and then had the afternoon off. Nice day again so I had a picnic tea ready and took the children and their bikes on the Heath until nearly six. They enjoyed it and were so dirty I had to put ’em straight into the bath!! Ivy came up and showed us their Lake District films.

Wednesday 18th May 1966
Worked all day. Gloria came home to lunch with me. Rained all last night; after I had spent ½hour watering the plants. Haven’t heard from Cyril, so don’t know if he is coming home or not.
(Cyril home 11:40pm)

Thursday 19th May 1966
Ascension Day
Children day off – Church 9:15
Dull sort of day. Letters from Dad and Mur – so now I owe the lot!! Was at the office until 11am – children came up for me when they came out of church. Badminton all afternoon. Have washed, ironed, baked and helped Cyril put out some plants. It’s 11pm now and I’m whacked.

Friday 20th May 1966
Dental – Me, 11:15
Had my dental and was home in time to do some cleaning round before going back to work! All tidy by the time Margaretha arrived at 8pm. I’d even had a shampoo. Tim arrived at 9pm looking very much better than he was last time we saw him.

Saturday 21st May 1966
Tim and Margaretha?
To Molly and Ted’s?
Tim and Margaretha (she’s a very nice girl) went out for the day while we were at Molly and Ted’s. We’ve had a very pleasant day. Moll and I went into Watford – I bought a couple of dresses. Cyril likes one – not the other! We listened to the fight – Clay v Cooper – and went to bed about midnight.

Week 19 : 8th-14th May 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening this week in 1966:-

  • May 11th – European Cup Final is held at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels, where Spain’s Real Madrid defeated Yugoslavia’s Partizan Belgrade 2-1.
  • May 13th – The Rolling Stones release ‘Paint It, Black’ which becomes the first number 1 in both the US and the UK to feature music played on the sitar, an Indian stringed instrument (played by guitarist, Brian Jones).
  • May 14th – The 18th BRDC International Trophy motor race is held at Silverstone and won by Jack Brabham.

But back in Oxshott, here’s what’s happening:-

Sunday 8th May 1966
Cyril to fetch Doris.
Not at all a nice day – we haven’t been out anywhere apart from Sunday School. I shampooed and colourglo-ed my hair this afternoon – Cyril fetched Doris – they got here about 9pm.

Monday 9th May 1966
Doris to Bath.
Alma saw the children to school and collected them. Cyril and I took Doris to Bath. We left here at 08:45 – arrived noon. The car went very well. After leaving Doris we had our lunch at the Hole in the Wall – a look round the shops and home by 5:30. Very tired.

Tuesday 10th May 1966
Ena’s jewellery show 8pm.
Had to work this afternoon and evening to make up for my day off yesterday. A mountain of work. I didn’t go to Ena’s – mowed the lawn and polished floors before the children went to bed. I didn’t turn in until 11pm.

Wednesday 11th May 1966
A very harassing day at work and I’ve lots of problems! Wet and cold all day – put the tin hat on my plan to wash the Corsair tonight! It badly needs it. Never mind – have a lazy evening.

Thursday 12th May 1966
Cyril – Cardiff
Played some good games this afternoon; right up to 5pm. Coming home Philip complained of feeling unwell and went to bed. Sore throat mainly I think – but he’s not sure.

Friday 13th May 1966
Had to keep Philip in bed. I went to the office for 1½ hours – did the remainder of my outstanding work when Cyril got home in the evening! Washed this afternoon and did Mrs Findlay’s curtains. Phil not too bad.

Saturday 14th May 1966
Children dental Cobham 9:15.
Phil had to miss his dental appointment again! Cyril took Gill. I did a load of washing and collected some work in case I can’t go in on Monday. Philip up and about and eating. Nice day, we gave the Corsair a wash!


Week 18 : 1st-7th May 1966

Diary Shelf

Elsewhere in the news…..

  • May 5th – The European Cup Winners, Cup Final is held at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Borussia Dortmund of West Germany, defeated Liverpool FC 2-1 in extra time.
  • May 6th – At Chester Crown Court, Ian Brady  is sentenced to three life terms, to run concurrently for the murders of three children. His partner-in-crime, Myra Hindley, is sentenced to two life terms to run concurrently, but acquitted of the murder of John Kilbride.

Manfred Mann reach the number 1 slot with ‘Pretty Flamingo’ on May 5th.

Back in Oxshott…..

Sunday 1st May 1966
Very hot day. We all went to church at ten – the children have had the pool out this afternoon and we had a picnic tea on the patio. Shampooed and dried in the sun. Have been busy on my accounts.

Monday 2nd May 1966
Another scorcher – The children stripped off and went into the pool as soon as they came home from school. I’ve finished off the ironing this evening and written to Pa. I’m hoping Joan will ring. Worked till 3:30pm.

Tuesday 3rd May 1966
Budget Day with NO SHOCKS!
Worked again today until 3:30pm and was feeling quite tired by five o’clock. It was an effort to turn out to Young Wives. However, it turned out to be quite a good evening with a large audience. Joan rang while I was out.

Wednesday 4th May 1966
What a change in the weather – cold and stormy all day. At least we didn’t have to water the garden tonight. Worked this afternoon – again. Rang Molly.

Thursday 5th May 1966
Worked till 12, and worked at home until 8 – baking, cleaning, ironing and now I feel whacked. Some nut rang our number at 04.00 this morning. Gave me quite a shock and I couldn’t get off to sleep afterwards. The phone stopped before I reached it. Cyril not very cheerful this evening.

Friday 6th May 1966
Cyril had a half day, so I worked until 12:30 then he picked me up. We’ve been shopping this afternoon and I’ve had a drive but am disappointed that I didn’t do better! Seem to have forgotten everything. Cyril collected the Corsair and we went for a drive. It’s lovely!

Saturday 7th May 1966
Did three hours at the office as I want Monday off to go to Bath with Cyril – to take Doris to hospital. We collected Gill’s mirror from Tolworth and have since been tidying up the garage – making more room – mowing the lawn, and I’ve done some washing.