Week 18 : 1st-7th May 1966

Diary Shelf

Elsewhere in the news…..

  • May 5th – The European Cup Winners, Cup Final is held at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Borussia Dortmund of West Germany, defeated Liverpool FC 2-1 in extra time.
  • May 6th – At Chester Crown Court, Ian Brady  is sentenced to three life terms, to run concurrently for the murders of three children. His partner-in-crime, Myra Hindley, is sentenced to two life terms to run concurrently, but acquitted of the murder of John Kilbride.

Manfred Mann reach the number 1 slot with ‘Pretty Flamingo’ on May 5th.

Back in Oxshott…..

Sunday 1st May 1966
Very hot day. We all went to church at ten – the children have had the pool out this afternoon and we had a picnic tea on the patio. Shampooed and dried in the sun. Have been busy on my accounts.

Monday 2nd May 1966
Another scorcher – The children stripped off and went into the pool as soon as they came home from school. I’ve finished off the ironing this evening and written to Pa. I’m hoping Joan will ring. Worked till 3:30pm.

Tuesday 3rd May 1966
Budget Day with NO SHOCKS!
Worked again today until 3:30pm and was feeling quite tired by five o’clock. It was an effort to turn out to Young Wives. However, it turned out to be quite a good evening with a large audience. Joan rang while I was out.

Wednesday 4th May 1966
What a change in the weather – cold and stormy all day. At least we didn’t have to water the garden tonight. Worked this afternoon – again. Rang Molly.

Thursday 5th May 1966
Worked till 12, and worked at home until 8 – baking, cleaning, ironing and now I feel whacked. Some nut rang our number at 04.00 this morning. Gave me quite a shock and I couldn’t get off to sleep afterwards. The phone stopped before I reached it. Cyril not very cheerful this evening.

Friday 6th May 1966
Cyril had a half day, so I worked until 12:30 then he picked me up. We’ve been shopping this afternoon and I’ve had a drive but am disappointed that I didn’t do better! Seem to have forgotten everything. Cyril collected the Corsair and we went for a drive. It’s lovely!

Saturday 7th May 1966
Did three hours at the office as I want Monday off to go to Bath with Cyril – to take Doris to hospital. We collected Gill’s mirror from Tolworth and have since been tidying up the garage – making more room – mowing the lawn, and I’ve done some washing.


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