Week 19 : 8th-14th May 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening this week in 1966:-

  • May 11th – European Cup Final is held at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels, where Spain’s Real Madrid defeated Yugoslavia’s Partizan Belgrade 2-1.
  • May 13th – The Rolling Stones release ‘Paint It, Black’ which becomes the first number 1 in both the US and the UK to feature music played on the sitar, an Indian stringed instrument (played by guitarist, Brian Jones).
  • May 14th – The 18th BRDC International Trophy motor race is held at Silverstone and won by Jack Brabham.

But back in Oxshott, here’s what’s happening:-

Sunday 8th May 1966
Cyril to fetch Doris.
Not at all a nice day – we haven’t been out anywhere apart from Sunday School. I shampooed and colourglo-ed my hair this afternoon – Cyril fetched Doris – they got here about 9pm.

Monday 9th May 1966
Doris to Bath.
Alma saw the children to school and collected them. Cyril and I took Doris to Bath. We left here at 08:45 – arrived noon. The car went very well. After leaving Doris we had our lunch at the Hole in the Wall – a look round the shops and home by 5:30. Very tired.

Tuesday 10th May 1966
Ena’s jewellery show 8pm.
Had to work this afternoon and evening to make up for my day off yesterday. A mountain of work. I didn’t go to Ena’s – mowed the lawn and polished floors before the children went to bed. I didn’t turn in until 11pm.

Wednesday 11th May 1966
A very harassing day at work and I’ve lots of problems! Wet and cold all day – put the tin hat on my plan to wash the Corsair tonight! It badly needs it. Never mind – have a lazy evening.

Thursday 12th May 1966
Cyril – Cardiff
Played some good games this afternoon; right up to 5pm. Coming home Philip complained of feeling unwell and went to bed. Sore throat mainly I think – but he’s not sure.

Friday 13th May 1966
Had to keep Philip in bed. I went to the office for 1½ hours – did the remainder of my outstanding work when Cyril got home in the evening! Washed this afternoon and did Mrs Findlay’s curtains. Phil not too bad.

Saturday 14th May 1966
Children dental Cobham 9:15.
Phil had to miss his dental appointment again! Cyril took Gill. I did a load of washing and collected some work in case I can’t go in on Monday. Philip up and about and eating. Nice day, we gave the Corsair a wash!



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