Week 20 : 15th-21st May 1966


This week:-

  • May 16th – British Merchant Marines went on strike demanding a 40-hour week and higher wages (there’s a fascinating contemporary Spectator article here). At the times, Britain’s seamen were amongst the worst paid with base pay of around £27 for a 56-hour week.  British ports were tied up with as many as 400 vessels and, a commentator noted, the walkout, “could achieve what German submarines failed to accomplish in two world wars” and idle the Royal Navy.
    – The Beach Boys released their album ‘Pet Sounds’.
    – Bob Dylan’s album ‘Blonde On Blonde’ was released.
    BORN: Janet Jackson in Gary, Indiana.
  • May 21st – Cassius Clay beat Henry Cooper when the referee stopped the fight in the sixth round, held at Highbury, the home of Arsenal FC in London (here’s what the Chicago Tribune had to say).

But here’s what matters in Oxshott:-

Sunday 15th May 1966
Very warm and sunny. While the children were at Sunday School, Cyril gave me an hour’s tuition – hill starts and reversing. A little better than last Sunday. We’ve been for a ride out in the country this afternoon. Joan rang.

Monday 16th May 1966
Cyril to Liverpool and Carlisle.
Another warm and sunny day. I’ve been wondering if Rob and Maggie will get away tomorrow because of the Seamen’s strike. Looks like being pretty serious. Cyril has gone off to Liverpool. I’ve been very busy – as usual!!

Tuesday 17th May 1966
Worked until one today and then had the afternoon off. Nice day again so I had a picnic tea ready and took the children and their bikes on the Heath until nearly six. They enjoyed it and were so dirty I had to put ’em straight into the bath!! Ivy came up and showed us their Lake District films.

Wednesday 18th May 1966
Worked all day. Gloria came home to lunch with me. Rained all last night; after I had spent ½hour watering the plants. Haven’t heard from Cyril, so don’t know if he is coming home or not.
(Cyril home 11:40pm)

Thursday 19th May 1966
Ascension Day
Children day off – Church 9:15
Dull sort of day. Letters from Dad and Mur – so now I owe the lot!! Was at the office until 11am – children came up for me when they came out of church. Badminton all afternoon. Have washed, ironed, baked and helped Cyril put out some plants. It’s 11pm now and I’m whacked.

Friday 20th May 1966
Dental – Me, 11:15
Had my dental and was home in time to do some cleaning round before going back to work! All tidy by the time Margaretha arrived at 8pm. I’d even had a shampoo. Tim arrived at 9pm looking very much better than he was last time we saw him.

Saturday 21st May 1966
Tim and Margaretha?
To Molly and Ted’s?
Tim and Margaretha (she’s a very nice girl) went out for the day while we were at Molly and Ted’s. We’ve had a very pleasant day. Moll and I went into Watford – I bought a couple of dresses. Cyril likes one – not the other! We listened to the fight – Clay v Cooper – and went to bed about midnight.


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