Week 21 : 22nd-28th May 1966

Diary Shelf

This week in 1966:-

  • May 22nd – The final episode of the legal drama, ‘Perry Mason’, starring Raymond Burr, was shown on CBS.
  • The 1966 Formula One season opened with the Monaco Grand Prix, which was won by Jackie Stewart. Apart from Stewart, only three other cars crossed the finish line.  To this day, this race holds the record for having the fewest classified finishers in a single race in Formula One history.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1966_Monaco_Grand_Prix
  • May 26th – The colony of British Guiana was granted Independence as the Nation of Guyana. Forbes Burnham became its first Prime Minister.
  • BORN: Helena Bonham-Carter, British actress in Hampstead, London.
  • BORN: Zola Budd, South African born runner. Famous for running barefoot and infamous for the preferentially fast-tracked British citizenship that enabled her to represent the UK at the 1984 Olympics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zola_Budd
  • BORN: Heston Blumenthal, celebrity Chef, in London.


Meanwhile, back in Oxshott……

Sunday 22nd May 1966
Showery day. Tim, Margaretha, the children and I went out this morning – to Bushey Park. Very nice lunch – then we heard Mary and Leonard were going to Brighton, so they took Margaretha back with them. Tim went bowling with David and Di then all back here to tea and Tim left at 7. Heard he arrived home at 10pm.

Monday 23rd May 1966
Had to go back to work this afternoon and bring some home. Good thing I had finished the washing last night. Mowed the lawns after tea. Was expecting a ring from Joan, but didn’t get one.

Tuesday 24th May 1966
Gillian is hard at it this evening – trying to darn – for her Golden Bar at Brownies! Worked again this afternoon in an endeavour to get up to date. Tonight I’m going to get up to date on my letter writing – I hope!

Wednesday 25th May 1966
Have been to the P.T.A. tonight and volunteered for Cycle Training! I hope I’ll be able to fit it in!! Worked right  through from 9am-2:15 today and was very tired. Carol gave me a lift home. Mr M (Mr. Murray, the boss) will be in tomorrow.

Thursday 26th May 1966
Worked until eleven. Mr M back in harness. Cyril brought George Pritchard, George Bennett and Hugh McGilvray home to lunch. I was ready for badminton at 2:15 – but left about four.

Friday 27th May 1966
Last day at school
I worked until quarter past eleven – no half past. Cyril brought the car up to the office and picked me up. We had an early lunch then went out and shopped. Thank goodness we’ve done the bulk of the weekend shopping.

Saturday 28th May 1966
We only had to go to the village this morning – thank goodness, as I believe there was quite a lot of traffic in Esher – and queueing! Joan rang this evening – she had a weekend off from seeing Dad as Rob and Maggie were going over.
Played Canasta – ladies won all three games!

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