Week 22 : 29th May-4th June 1966

Diary Shelf

In the news this week in 1966:-

30th May – Graham Hill won the 50th Indianapolis 500 ahaed of Jim Clark.

Surveyor 12nd June – Surveyor 1 became the first spacecraft to make a ‘soft’ landing in the ‘Sea of Storms’ on the moon after a 63 hour journey. Within hours, Surveyor 1 began transmitting television pictures back to NASA.

3rd June – BORN: Wasim Akram – Pakistani cricketer.



Back in Oxshott, this is what’s keeping Peggy busy:-

Sunday 29th May 1966
Poor Cyril has a horrible abscess – he’s been very worried about it and so am I now! I wish it weren’t holiday time and that he could go to Doctor Little tomorrow. We’ve bathed it and done all we can and I’ve made him have an easy day. Haven’t done my month end accounts yet.

Monday 30th May 1966
Day off
Beautiful day. Cyril spent the morning in bed resting his legs – his abscess hasn’t burst yet. He is going to Dr L in the morning. I did a machine full of washing and have taken the children on the Heath this afternoon.

Tuesday 31st May 1966
Went to the office this morning for a little while – brought a load of work home. Went to Young Wives and had a very interesting evening listening to Eric Morgan on marketing and came home loaded with free gifts – Shift, toothpaste, magnesia, sparkling spring, Andrews, Rose Hip Syrup. What a bumper bundle. (Wonder how Cyril got on at the Doctors?)

Wednesday 1st June 1966
Had a very busy 1½hrs at the office this morning – and have worked hard this evening for 2½hrs. I took the children to Chessington Zoo and caught the sun! We saw Harry Secombe, Jimmy Hanley and George Cansdale naming a baby Iguana. Went with Cyril to collect the Corsair. (She doesn’t say from where!)

Thursday 2nd June 1966
Have had a smashing day at Clymping (often alternatively spelled Climping). We were there for 10:30 – a good ride in the Corsair. the Fuzzeys joined us just before 12. We’ve had a lot of sea and sun. Left about six-ish. Stopped off at Ron and Gwen’s for a cuppa, bought some fish and chips, and home about 8:45. Children very tired.

Friday 3rd June 1966
Philip dental 11:45
Did a couple of hours at the office this morning and evening – left children at home this morning. Very tired today – must be after effects of yesterday! Have done a big load of washing and ironing – and one blanket. Nicky came down to play this afternoon.

Saturday 4th June 1966
We had a morning out shopping – a salad lunch and pottered in the afternoon. The children had the pool out and I shampooed the three of us.
Played Canasta and enjoyed a fresh salmon salad for supper.


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