Week 26 : 26th June – 2nd July 1966

Diary Shelf

This week in 1966:-

  • 28th June – The British tanker, Alva Cape, which had exploded killing 33 people on June 16th, suffered another explosion whilst being unloaded of its remaining cargo, killing a further four people.
  • BORN – John Cusack, American actor in Illinois.
  • 29th June – Introduction of the first British Credit Card by Barclays Bank. The Barclaycard is born!
  • 30th June – France formally withdrew from NATO.
  • BORN – Mike Tyson, American boxer.
  • DIEDGiuseppe Farina, aged 59. Retired Italian racing driver. Killed in a car accident.
  • DIED – Margery Allingham, British detective novelist and creator of Albert Campion.
  • 1st July – Manuel Santana became the first Spanish winner of Wimbledon, defeating American Dennis Ralston in straight sets, 6-4, 11-9, 6-4.
  • 2nd July – Billie Jean King won the first of her six Wimbledon singles titles, defeating Brazil’s Maria Bueno 6-3, 3-6, 6-1.

Back in Oxshott:-

Sunday 26th June 1966
Children seem none the worse for their long day – they went to Sunday School. I did some washing. This afternoon the children and I went to Wisley with Leonard.

Monday 27th June 1966
Sweep 8:00am
The sweep was on time and away before we all left at 8:50 – Room is all straight again now. Have washed curtains etc. Went round to Knipp Hill this afternoon.
Joan rang.

Tuesday 28th June 1966
Went back to work – shooting up the hours. Young Wives tonight – a talk by Baroness Edith de Ward (a local councillor), who was quite interesting, though I didn’t agree with all her sentiments! Mowed the lawns.

Wednesday 29th June 1966
Very nice day – almost like summer again. Letter from Ted this afternoon. Very busy at the office. Mr. Murray going on holiday tomorrow.

Thursday 30th June 1966
Cyril Cardiff
Open Day
Saw the children’s work at school – afraid neither of them are very good workers. Played badminton afterwards. Only three of us turned up – so how we played. Phew!! Very hot afternoon. Have done some washing and defrosted the fridge.

Friday 1st July 1966
Another fine day. Cyril arrived home from Cardiff about 1:30pm – very hot and tired. I had to go back to the office. Mowed the lawns (again?) this evening.

Saturday 2nd July 1966
Had a good grocery spend up in Esher! Gillian went off to Brownie Revels – I managed to do the washing before we went. Cyril gave me a fiver to buy an anniversary present – I bought him a hose and sprinkler – at his request! Played Canasta.


Week 25 : 19th – 25th June 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:-

  • 19th June – The 24hrs Le Mans race is won by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon.
  • BORN: Samuel West, British actor. In Hammersmith, son of Timothy West and Prunella Scales. Happy Birthday Sam!
  • 20th June – 1966 Wimbledon Championships get underway.
  • DIED: Georges Lemaître, at the age of 71. A Belgian Catholic priest and astrophysicist who, in 1927, first proposed the ‘Big Bang’ theory of the creation of the Universe. Georges Lemaitre
  • 23rd June – The final collection of James Bond short stories written by Ian Fleming was published as ‘Octopussy and the Living Daylights‘. Fleming had died in 1964.

The Beatles knock Frank Sinatra from the Number 1 spot this week with ‘Paperback Writer’.

Back in Oxshott, here’s what’s keeping Peggy busy:-

Sunday 19th June 1966
Cyril took me out for an hour’s drive this morning to boost my ego. I don’t know if it did or not, but I quite enjoyed driving. Got stuck on a hill! Mowed the lawns this afternoon and made some ice cream for tea!

Monday 20th June 1966
Big day in the village – the opening of a self-service grocers with Green Shield stamps! I popped in and out this morning. Very stormy so I didn’t go to Penny Nairne’s. Feeling very tired. Don’t know why. Joan rang last night, but a very short call.

Tuesday 21st June 1966
Very dull and showery again today. Lots of work so I went back this afternoon – did most of the bills and can have my day off tomorrow with a clear conscience.

Wednesday 22nd June 1966
What a hectic day off we’ve had – but we have had Philip’s hair cut at last and we had a quick trip to town – did lots of shopping in Gamages and Pontings. Home about 4:45 – worn out!!

Thursday 23rd June 1966
Worked until 1:00pm. Played badminton 2-3:40. Then I came home and took the children to the village where Gillian and I had a haircut. Then I gave myself a deep auburn colour rinse. Joan rang and I also spoke to Rob and Maggie.

Friday 24th June 1966
We set off at 06:45 – good run in fine weather. Joan’s at 09:40. Left at 10:20 – Dad’s at 11am. Found Pa looking very well and quite cheerful. We had a fish and chip lunch. Mick and Sue came up. We went round and saw Ted – they have a lovely cottage – very pretty. Didn’t see Jill (Ted’s wife). It rained all afternoon – we had a ride round the hills – Tim and Nell arrived at 37 (Grandad’s house) in time for tea and we hit the road at 7pm. Home at 10:15pm. Dirty (raining) journey for the last hour.

Week 24 : 12th-18th June 1966

Diary Shelf

This is what was happening around the world this week:-

  • June 12th – The 1966 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa was won by John Surtees in a Ferrari with Jochen Rindt driving a Cooper-Maserati taking second place.
  • June 16th – 33 people died and a further 40 were injured when the British tanker, Alva Cape, collided with the American ship, Texaco Massachusetts and caught fire engulfing both ships, along with two tugs, in flames. The Alva Cape was heading into harbour at Newark, New Jersey, carrying 143,000 barrels of highly flammable naphtha. Another 100 people were rescued from the flaming water. Accident report

Number One record this week, as last week, was Frank Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night.

But here’s what’s occupying Peggy this week:-

Sunday 12th June 1966
Joan rang this morning and told me that Pa has to give up work (he was a carpenter) and that he doesn’t look too well. He is anxious to see us as I promised we would go for a day. Pity Cyril has to go to Bath again next Saturday. (I think Grandad was born in the mid to late 1890s so he would have been around 68-70 at this time)

Monday 13th June 1966
Tired myself out – at the office all morning – walked to Knipp Hill and then up to the village – collected homework and worked until ten. Then had to turn out a balance sheet for Young Wives. Cyril had a slight bilious attack and went early to bed.

Tuesday 14th June 1966
Coffee morning – Princes Drive 10:30
Young Wives AGM and party
Managed to show my face at YW coffee morning but had to go back to the office this afternoon. Took Mary most of the way to Cobham hospital to see Di after her tonsil op. YW tonight.

Wednesday 15th June 1966
Didn’t do ourselves much good at the PTA! Spoke to Miss Pendry, Miss Macnamara and Miss Hutt, but didn’t learn anything that we didn’t already know about G & P. Went to Mrs Hedges jumble during the afternoon.

Thursday 16th June 1966
Infant Sports Day
What a pity it had to rain today so the sports were postponed. Instead I played badminton for an hour. Cyril has spent the day looking at hovercraft at Gosport (he worked in procurement for the Ministry of Defense).

Friday 17th June 1966
Philip did awfully well in the sports. Winning all his heats and coming 2nd in the finals. He was very tired at the last race. The rain has kept off all day. I caught the 12:00 bus to Esher. Cyril picked me up with the shopping and I was just able to make the sports at 1:45.

Saturday 18th June 1966
Fete – Barnardos
Cyril had a tiring trip to Bath – lot of traffic. We plodded on here – took over an hour shopping in the village. We had our lunch and then Ruth took us to the fete. Very good fete and such a lovely day for it. We got home, fortunately before Cyril and Co arrived from Bath and before Sue and Fred arrived from Welling. Doris looked very tired – but is hopeful of having an operation on her knees very shortly.
We played Canasta in the evening.


Week 23 : 5th-11th June 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening this week around the world:-

  • June 5th – Gene Cernan made the second American spacewalk spending 2 hrs 7 mins outside Gemini 9. During this time, the spacecraft made one complete orbit of the earth. The Gemini craft landed safely the next day.
  • Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi announced a devaluation of the Rupee by 36.5%
  • DIED: Edward Arthur Carr – Governor of Nigeria 1947-54
  • June 6th – DIED: Claudette Frady-Orbison, aged 25, wife of Roy Orbison. She was riding a motorbike with her husband, when a pickup truck struck them, killing her and injuring him.
  • June 7th – DIED: Norman Baillie-Stewart. British Army Officer who defected to Nazi Germany and assisted in English Language propaganda broadcasts during WWII. He became known as one of the men associated with the nickname ‘Lord Haw-Haw’.
  • June 9th – Benjamin Britten’s work ‘The Burning Fiery Furnace’ premiered at Orford Church in Suffolk.
  • June 10th – Janis Joplin made her debut appearing with Big Brother and the Holding Company in San Francisco.

Frank Sinatra held the Number 1 spot in the UK with ‘Strangers in the Night’.

And here’s what’s going on in Oxshott:-

Sunday 5th June 1966
Gillian carried out her first ‘duty’ at Church today – she carried up the offerings to the Altar. Cyril is very busy planting out. Not nearly so hot today – in fact, quite a cool breeze.

Monday 6th June 1966
Back to school.
Children went off quite happily. Cyril had to go to Liverpool. I worked till 1:30 and brought some home. Cyril got back at 8:30. I’d had a field day – polished floors etc. and mowed the lawns. Went to Knipp Hill (most likely for Penny Nairne‘s clothing exchange) before school came out.

Tuesday 7th June 1966
Another fine day – we haven’t had the rain which is forecast yet. Cyril had a meeting in town but was in for lunch at 1pm. I had to go back to the office as there was a great deal of work piling up.

Wednesday 8th June 1966
Very tired – have washed three blankets this evening – amongst other things. Worked all afternoon. Very hot, thundery weather. No call from Joan for a long time. Will rang this evening confirming Saturday’s trip.

Thursday 9th June 1966
½ day from school.
Cyril to Cardiff.
Very hot again and thundery. We’ve had a most pleasant afternoon out at Eileen Lister’s. All had tea outside – the children played in paddling pools while Eileen and I had a game of badminton. Joan rang this evening.

Friday 10th June 1966
Diana’s birthday.
Managed to go to Esher during the lunch hour – with Gloria, so did most of the weekend shopping – Cyril was home soon after 5:30, so we went to Leatherhead after tea and finished off.

Saturday 11th June 1966
To Bath.
Nice day for our trip to Bath. We picked Eileen and Will up at Surbiton at 9am – good trip. We stopped and made coffee, then found a lovely spot for a picnic lunch. Saw Doris at 2pm. She hasn’t made any progress and is coming home on Saturday. Eileen gave the children 5/- (25p) each, so we spent two hours round the shops spending it!! Home about 10pm very tired!