Week 24 : 12th-18th June 1966

Diary Shelf

This is what was happening around the world this week:-

  • June 12th – The 1966 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa was won by John Surtees in a Ferrari with Jochen Rindt driving a Cooper-Maserati taking second place.
  • June 16th – 33 people died and a further 40 were injured when the British tanker, Alva Cape, collided with the American ship, Texaco Massachusetts and caught fire engulfing both ships, along with two tugs, in flames. The Alva Cape was heading into harbour at Newark, New Jersey, carrying 143,000 barrels of highly flammable naphtha. Another 100 people were rescued from the flaming water. Accident report

Number One record this week, as last week, was Frank Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night.

But here’s what’s occupying Peggy this week:-

Sunday 12th June 1966
Joan rang this morning and told me that Pa has to give up work (he was a carpenter) and that he doesn’t look too well. He is anxious to see us as I promised we would go for a day. Pity Cyril has to go to Bath again next Saturday. (I think Grandad was born in the mid to late 1890s so he would have been around 68-70 at this time)

Monday 13th June 1966
Tired myself out – at the office all morning – walked to Knipp Hill and then up to the village – collected homework and worked until ten. Then had to turn out a balance sheet for Young Wives. Cyril had a slight bilious attack and went early to bed.

Tuesday 14th June 1966
Coffee morning – Princes Drive 10:30
Young Wives AGM and party
Managed to show my face at YW coffee morning but had to go back to the office this afternoon. Took Mary most of the way to Cobham hospital to see Di after her tonsil op. YW tonight.

Wednesday 15th June 1966
Didn’t do ourselves much good at the PTA! Spoke to Miss Pendry, Miss Macnamara and Miss Hutt, but didn’t learn anything that we didn’t already know about G & P. Went to Mrs Hedges jumble during the afternoon.

Thursday 16th June 1966
Infant Sports Day
What a pity it had to rain today so the sports were postponed. Instead I played badminton for an hour. Cyril has spent the day looking at hovercraft at Gosport (he worked in procurement for the Ministry of Defense).

Friday 17th June 1966
Philip did awfully well in the sports. Winning all his heats and coming 2nd in the finals. He was very tired at the last race. The rain has kept off all day. I caught the 12:00 bus to Esher. Cyril picked me up with the shopping and I was just able to make the sports at 1:45.

Saturday 18th June 1966
Fete – Barnardos
Cyril had a tiring trip to Bath – lot of traffic. We plodded on here – took over an hour shopping in the village. We had our lunch and then Ruth took us to the fete. Very good fete and such a lovely day for it. We got home, fortunately before Cyril and Co arrived from Bath and before Sue and Fred arrived from Welling. Doris looked very tired – but is hopeful of having an operation on her knees very shortly.
We played Canasta in the evening.



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