Week 25 : 19th – 25th June 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:-

  • 19th June – The 24hrs Le Mans race is won by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon.
  • BORN: Samuel West, British actor. In Hammersmith, son of Timothy West and Prunella Scales. Happy Birthday Sam!
  • 20th June – 1966 Wimbledon Championships get underway.
  • DIED: Georges Lemaître, at the age of 71. A Belgian Catholic priest and astrophysicist who, in 1927, first proposed the ‘Big Bang’ theory of the creation of the Universe. Georges Lemaitre
  • 23rd June – The final collection of James Bond short stories written by Ian Fleming was published as ‘Octopussy and the Living Daylights‘. Fleming had died in 1964.

The Beatles knock Frank Sinatra from the Number 1 spot this week with ‘Paperback Writer’.

Back in Oxshott, here’s what’s keeping Peggy busy:-

Sunday 19th June 1966
Cyril took me out for an hour’s drive this morning to boost my ego. I don’t know if it did or not, but I quite enjoyed driving. Got stuck on a hill! Mowed the lawns this afternoon and made some ice cream for tea!

Monday 20th June 1966
Big day in the village – the opening of a self-service grocers with Green Shield stamps! I popped in and out this morning. Very stormy so I didn’t go to Penny Nairne’s. Feeling very tired. Don’t know why. Joan rang last night, but a very short call.

Tuesday 21st June 1966
Very dull and showery again today. Lots of work so I went back this afternoon – did most of the bills and can have my day off tomorrow with a clear conscience.

Wednesday 22nd June 1966
What a hectic day off we’ve had – but we have had Philip’s hair cut at last and we had a quick trip to town – did lots of shopping in Gamages and Pontings. Home about 4:45 – worn out!!

Thursday 23rd June 1966
Worked until 1:00pm. Played badminton 2-3:40. Then I came home and took the children to the village where Gillian and I had a haircut. Then I gave myself a deep auburn colour rinse. Joan rang and I also spoke to Rob and Maggie.

Friday 24th June 1966
We set off at 06:45 – good run in fine weather. Joan’s at 09:40. Left at 10:20 – Dad’s at 11am. Found Pa looking very well and quite cheerful. We had a fish and chip lunch. Mick and Sue came up. We went round and saw Ted – they have a lovely cottage – very pretty. Didn’t see Jill (Ted’s wife). It rained all afternoon – we had a ride round the hills – Tim and Nell arrived at 37 (Grandad’s house) in time for tea and we hit the road at 7pm. Home at 10:15pm. Dirty (raining) journey for the last hour.


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