Week 31 : 31st July – 6th August 1966

Peggy and Gill brewing up!

Peggy and Gill brewing up!

Here’s what’s happening around the world-

  • 1st August – Charles Whitman, a former U.S. Marine sniper and a student at the University of Texas at Austin, took an elevator to the 28th floor of the tower overlooking the campus, and shot 43 people, killing 13 of them. Earlier in the day, he had murdered his mother and his wife. Whitman began shooting victims at 11:48, and was not stopped until 96 minutes later, when policemen Ramiro Martinez and Houston McCoy were able to reach the sniper’s perch and to kill him. An autopsy showed later that Whitman had a brain tumour.
  • 3rd August, Died: Lenny Bruce, 40, American comedian, from an overdose of morphine. Bruce was found in the bathroom at his home on 8825 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, reportedly with the needle of his syringe still lodged in his arm.
  • 5th August – Groundbreaking took place for the World Trade Center in New York City, as jackhammers began breaking pavement at the former site of Radio Row. 
  • 5th August – The Beatles’ album Revolver was released in the United Kingdom by EMI Studios. It would be released by Capitol Records in the United States three days later, on August 8, but without three songs that had already appeared on the U.S. version of Yesterday and Today.
  • 6th August -Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the wealthy, but erratic, ruler of the oil-rich sheikhdom of Abu Dhabi, was overthrown by members of his own family, and arrested with the assistance of the British paramilitary force, the Trucial Oman Scouts. At the time, Abu Dhabi and seven other sheikhdoms on the Arabian Peninsula were part of a British protectorate, the Trucial States. The new ruler, Shakhbut’s younger brother Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, would later unite the sheikdoms and become the first President of the United Arab Emirates in 1971.

And here’s what’s happening for Peggy-

Sunday 31st July 1966
Had a bad night – Cyril coughing etc. nearly all night. We managed to have our lunch out at Bantham before heavy rain set in for the day. We went to Bodmin Road and booked Eileen’s ticket for Thursday. Cyril still coughing.

Monday 1st August 1966
Terrible storms during the night. Cyril a bit better. Eileen and I took the children down to the village this morning – we had Joan and Fred to lunch – 9 of us! Steak and kidney, dumplings, beans, fruit trifle and cream! We all walked down to the beach afterwards. I had a lovely surf. Cyril followed. I’ve come back up to make the tea.


Eileen with Gill and Phil at Lostwithiel en route to Fowey.

Tuesday 2nd August 1966
Our worst day. It has poured most of the day – we got soaked in Wadebridge. However we bought some nice Mackerel and sent some flowers off to Doris, which was what we wanted to do. Had to play jolly games in the van all afternoon. Took the children for a walk on the beach this evening.

Wednesday 3rd August 1966
We took a chance today and went to the South coast, looking for better weather AND WE FOUND IT!! Fowey was lovely, we had an excellent lunch at Lostwithiel (good and cheap) then went to Fowey – then to Carlyon Bay, where we were able to sit out and brew up off the beach.

Thursday 4th August 1966
Have had a really good day today. We left here at 9:30 and took Eileen (Cyril’s sister) to Bodmin Road, Phil and Daddy had a hair cut in Bodmin. Went straight back to Daymer and met the crowd and stayed there until 6pm – had a swim. Went straight to Padstow where we bought presents for Phyl and Stan. Didn’t get in until 9:30pm

Friday 5th August 1966
Have had another good day. On Polzeath beach all the time until four o’clock when Joan, Eileen (Joan’s daughter), Gill and I went off to the hairdressers at Rock for our shampoo & sets. It’s lovely to have clean hair! We’ve been busy packing up. I don’t want to go home! Had a lovely surf today.

Saturday 6th August 1966
What a journey! We left Polzeath at 9:30am in pouring rain. It rained every inch of the way. We had great difficulty in getting a meal en route – everywhere full – roads full! Queues galore! We arrived home at 8:40pm. Mary & Leonard left before us, at 9:15, and arrived home at quarter to midnight!! They had a 4 hour stationary queue at Taunton.

All very tired, but we have enjoyed the holiday. The children are looking very well and were full of beans during the journey. I have put on 4lbs in weight!! Rang Joan – they had arrived home ½ hour before us.

Digging for victory at Carlyon Bay!

Digging for victory at Carlyon Bay!


Week 30 : 24th-30th July 1966

Smiths Turners & Wards (1)

On holiday in 1966 with Joan, Fred, Tim, Eileen and Andrew (missing from photo), and Mary and Leonard with David and Diana.

Other things happening in 1966 away from Cornwall:-

  • 24th JulyDIED: Tony Lema, 32, American golfer. Killed when the chartered plane in which he was a passenger, ran out of fuel and crashed into the water hazard just short of the 7th green at Lansing in Illinois.
  • 25th July – The House of Commons voted 328 to 147 in favour of nationalising the steel industry by bringing together the 14 largest producers in the nation under the control of one national corporation which became the British Steel Corporation in 1967.
    DIED: Frank O’Hara, 40, American poet and Curator of the Museum of Modern Art in New York city, the day after being run over by a dune buggy whilst sleeping on the beach at Fire Island.
  • 29th July – Bob Dylan was injured in a motorcycle accident near his home in Woodstock, New York. He would not be seen in public for over a year whilst recovering.
  • 30th July – England defeated West Germany 4-2, after extra time to win the 1966 World Cup Final at Wembley. Geoff Hurst scored both goals in extra time to secure the win and to bring his tally in the game to three. The first time a hat-trick had ever been scored in the World Cup Final

But here’s what’s going on in Cornwall:

Sunday 24th July 1966
I took the children for a walk on the beach before breakfast which was just as well as it has poured all day! Having the roomiest van, we have had visitors most of the morning. Am hoping to write to Pa this pm. Cyril is sleeping. We had a lovely afternoon, swimming etc at Polzeath.


Intrepid water carriers!

Monday 25th July 1966


Went to Daymer Bay today – all day – swimming, picnicking etc! Went to meet Eileen (Cyril’s sister) at Wadebridge. Caravan for tea then a walk along the beach in the evening.


Tuesday 26th July 1966
Cool this morning and windy. However we went to Daymer. Took Eileen to see the church at St Enodoc. Picnic lunch – afternoon tea. Swimming etc. Cooked us a lovely meal this evening. Eileen and I took the children for a walk before bed. Cyril went to Wadebridge with Fred to watch the World Cup semi-finals.

Wednesday 27th July 1966
Have had seven hours at Polzeath today! Very windy – but I’ve mastered the art of surfing. Haven’t missed a day in the sea yet. We went to Padstow afterwards and had a look round. Very tired when we get home about 9:40pm.


Picnic at Daymer Bay

Thursday 28th July 1966
Cold wind blowing but we’ve had a good day at Daymer Bay. Had my swim. We packed up about 4:30 as it was looking stormy. This evening we went to Wadebridge and had an hour on the tennis courts. Fish and chip supper afterwards.



Friday 29th July 1966
Cold wind blowing at Polzeath this morning so we didn’t unpack any of our gear. We came back to lunch and then went off to Rock. I took the children over to Padstow for an hour – bought some lovely fish for dinner. Rang Will this evening. Doris’s operation has been successful.

Saturday 30th July 1966
Lovely day and we’ve had a very nice time at Daymer – a good swim and a sunbathe and to complete the day England won the World Cup! Tim went back at 6:15. Eileen and I rang Will. Doris had been in a great deal of pain. Cyril has disgraced himself by developing a heavy cold.

Week 29 : 17th-23rd July 1966

Diary Shelf

There’s a lot happening this week around the world. Here’s just a small taster:-

17th July – The passenger boat, Bridlington Queen, sprang a leak and sank at Bridlington, Yorkshire. All 120 passengers and crew on board were rescued by various other pleasure boats.
18th JulyGemini 10, with astronauts John Young and Michael Collins on board, was launched from Cape Kennedy. After docking with the orbiting Agena Target Vehicle, the craft was boosted into a higher orbit, reaching a record breaking altitude of 474 miles above the earth. The previous record had been 308 miles set by Soviet cosmonauts.
19th July – American astronaut, Michael Collins, performed a spacewalk outside Gemini 10. Collins took photographs before and after capsule sunrise. This was only partly completed as both Collins and Young were suffering from severe eye irritation due to fumes that had come through the air supply. Collins found handling the camera difficult due to the stiffness of his gloves.
19th July – Defending World Champions, Brazil, were knocked out of the World Cup by Portugal, 3-1, in Liverpool after its star player, Pele, was injured. Italy also found themselves out of the cup following defeat by North Korea. Joining Portugal and North Korea in the quarter-finals were Uruguay, England, Argentina, West Germany, Hungary and the Soviet Union.
20th July – British PM Harold Wilson announced what would become known as the ‘July measures’, in order to avoid the devaluation of the pound, a crisis made worse by the seamen’s strike. The terms introduced the most stringent economic measures since World War II, with an additional 10% increase in income taxes and surcharges on petrol and alcohol, and higher sales taxes on most consumer goods, amongst other measures.
BORN: Anton du Beke, dancer, in Sevenoaks, Kent.
21st July – In Geneva, Switzerland the United States and the Soviet Union agreed to a treaty banning any nation from claiming Sovereignty over any portion of outer space, including the moon and planets.
23rd July – Saddam Hussein, Deputy Secretary of Iraq’s Ba’ath Party escaped from prison, where he had been held for almost two years on charges of conspiracy to assassinate President Abdul Rahman Arif. Saddam was being transported to Baghdad for trial when he slipped out of the back door of a restaurant where the party had stopped for lunch and escaped in a waiting car. Two years later, Saddam would help lead a coup that overthrew President Arif and, in 1979, would himself become President of Iraq.
But here’s what matters to Peggy:-

Sunday 17th July 1966
Cyril went to the office to try and clear up some of his work. The children went to Sunday School so I had a quiet and busy morning worrying about all the work I have to clear up at the office! Joan rang this morning.

Monday 18th July 1966
Working very hard all day and again this evening. I’m nowhere near clear yet and am getting myself all worked up!! Lots to do at home too. It’s very cold – I hope it’s going to warm up!!

Tuesday 19th July 1966
I’m all behind with my diary – weather terrible – so depressing and work is even more depressing – I’m having to cram so much in.

Wednesday 20th July 1966
Cyril lunch B.O.A.C.
Worked through lunch hour as Cyril didn’t come home. Weather still terrible! The children are getting excited.

Thursday 21st July 1966
Mary dried the big wash for me as it’s been pouring down. Everyone keeps saying it can’t last!! I believe it’s fine in Cornwall.
My last day at work.

Friday 22nd July 1966
Last day of term.
Cyril and I have had a very busy day – cleaning the house and getting ready. He went to bed at 9pm – I still have a lot to do.

Saturday 23rd July 1966
We made it – we set off at 2am and were very surprised at the number of motorists who had the same idea! Still the going wasn’t too bad up to Exeter – we got through there quite easily but Okehampton was TERRIBLE and from then on. We had our breakfast about ten to eight on Whiddon Down. Didn’t arrive here (Polzeath) until 12 noon. Found ourselves very close to Joan and Mary. We all arrived about the same time. The caravan is quite nice – but not as luxurious as we had hoped. Went on the beach and played cricket.

Week 28 _ 10th-16th July 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening this week in 1966:-

  • 11th July – The 1966 FIFA World Cup began in England, with England and Uruguay playing to a 0-0 tie at Wembley in front of 75,000 people. 
  • 12th July – Born: Tamsin Greig, English television comedian and actress, in Maidstone, Kent. Peggy would have known Tamsin Greig best for playing Debbie in The Archers.
  • 14th July – Gwynfor Evans, President of the Plaid Cymru political party became a Member of Parliament for the United Kingdom for Carmarthen, taking the previously Labour-held Welsh seat and giving Plaid Cymru its first representation at Westminister in its 41-year history.
  • 16th July -British Prime Minister Harold Wilson flew to Moscow to try to persuade the Soviets to back peace negotiations between the United States and North Vietnam. Despite a warm welcome, Wilson was told simply that his peace bid was doomed to fail. Wilson arrived only two hours after the departure of India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who had been on a similar peace initiative.
  • 16 July – Bob Dylan released his new album Blonde on Blonde, on Columbia Records.

Here’s what’s keeping Peggy busy this week:-

Sunday 10th July 1966
I intended baking this afternoon, but instead Gill and I went to Surbiton Lagoon with Di – Cyril took us and collected us. Quite good fun, but the sun didn’t come out very much!

Monday 11th July 1966
Had to work hard all day. Mr Murray seems to have just realised I’m going on holiday soon and there are all sorts of returns due this month. Worked at home during the evening.

Phil still has his 1966 woodworking prize.

Tuesday 12th July 1966
Infants Prizegiving – 2:30
Juniors Prizegiving – 7:15
To our great surprise and delight, Philip won a prize for woodwork! Poor Gillian – unlucky again. I think she was terribly disappointed that she didn’t get a prize.

Thursday 14th July 1966
YW Outing to Gala
Cyril to Cardiff
Absolutely browned off with work, so I just popped in this morning and told them I was disappearing for the morning!! Went with Young Wives to Gala (Cosmetics firm in Tolworth). Quite interesting – had a nice free sample at the end of it. Worked this afternoon. Gillian brought home her first report, which shows she is trying!! (Make of that what you will!)

Friday 15th July 1966
Cyril arrived home from Cardiff about five past one – he’s bought a terry towelling beach jacket ‘thing’ for the holiday. I’ve worked all day again. Have baked this evening. Raining hard.

Saturday 16th July 1966
We’ve had a most tiring morning in Kingston of all places! Home to lunch – didn’t do anything very exciting this afternoon. Am leaving the washing until later this week. Joan rang. We played Canasta and beat the men!

Week 27 : 3rd-9th July 2016


Here’s what’s happening this week in 1966:-

  • 3rd July – 31 people were arrested outside the US Embassy in London when a demonstration by anti-Vietnam war protesters became violent.
  • 4th July – A car carrying Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh was attacked twice whilst driving through Belfast.
  • 8th July – Prime Minister Harold Wilson and France’s Prime Minister, Georges Pompidou, concluded three days of conferences with the announcement of an agreement to build a 21 mile long tunnel beneath the English Channel to link the two nations.
  • DIED: Horst Fischer, 53, executed by guillotine in Leipzig, East Germany after being convicted of war crimes at the Auschwitz concentration camp where he was a Physician
  • 9th July – The British Open Golf tournament at Muirfield in Scotland is won by Jack Nicklaus.

The Kinks take over the Number 1 slot with ‘Sunny Afternoon’.

But here’s what’s keeping Peggy busy:-

Sunday 3rd July 1966
Our 16th (wedding anniversary)
Doris rang early this morning with congratulations. I shampooed the children and myself before breakfast. It was the Guides District Service at Cobham this afternoon – I went!! (my good deed). Gill enjoyed it.

Monday 4th July 1966
Had to go to work this afternoon – and bring some work home in a vain effort to get up to date before holidays. Looks as though we are about to lose the third Test. (Cricket, England v West Indies at Trent Bridge).

Tuesday 5th July 1966
Wrote ½doz letters.
A very nasty thing happened at the office at lunch time. A lorry went through the plate glass window. By a great stroke of fortune Ann was out, as her desk was damaged. Glass everywhere. Mr Murray is away too.
Raining hard today and we lost the Test (by 139 runs).

Wednesday 6th July 1966
Junior Sports Day.
Gillian enjoyed the sports more this year – at least she wasn’t last in her races. Thank goodness the weather kept fine for it. Bought myself a blouse in Norah Strudwick’s sale (dress shop in the village).

Thursday 7th July 1966
Picked our first cucumber!
Stormy looking day but the rain has kept off and I was able to mow both lawns. Worked again this afternoon. Mr Murray came back so no doubt I will have a hectic time tomorrow! Joan rang.

Friday 8th July 1966
Dental 11:45am
Had a big filling at the dentist – with an injection so my mouth felt queer for ages. Took the children to Esher after school so we’ve done the bulk of the weekend shopping. We also went to Cobham to change Gill’s beach shoes.

Saturday 9th July 1966
Bought this super ‘Parker 51’ this afternoon. My anniversary present from Cyril (Peggy’s writing this entry with a fountain pen). We only had the village to do this morning., so had an early lunch then I went off to Kingston. Met Di there and we did the rounds. Bought shorts for the holiday too.
Played Canasta and the men won three games.