Week 27 : 3rd-9th July 2016


Here’s what’s happening this week in 1966:-

  • 3rd July – 31 people were arrested outside the US Embassy in London when a demonstration by anti-Vietnam war protesters became violent.
  • 4th July – A car carrying Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh was attacked twice whilst driving through Belfast.
  • 8th July – Prime Minister Harold Wilson and France’s Prime Minister, Georges Pompidou, concluded three days of conferences with the announcement of an agreement to build a 21 mile long tunnel beneath the English Channel to link the two nations.
  • DIED: Horst Fischer, 53, executed by guillotine in Leipzig, East Germany after being convicted of war crimes at the Auschwitz concentration camp where he was a Physician
  • 9th July – The British Open Golf tournament at Muirfield in Scotland is won by Jack Nicklaus.

The Kinks take over the Number 1 slot with ‘Sunny Afternoon’.

But here’s what’s keeping Peggy busy:-

Sunday 3rd July 1966
Our 16th (wedding anniversary)
Doris rang early this morning with congratulations. I shampooed the children and myself before breakfast. It was the Guides District Service at Cobham this afternoon – I went!! (my good deed). Gill enjoyed it.

Monday 4th July 1966
Had to go to work this afternoon – and bring some work home in a vain effort to get up to date before holidays. Looks as though we are about to lose the third Test. (Cricket, England v West Indies at Trent Bridge).

Tuesday 5th July 1966
Wrote ½doz letters.
A very nasty thing happened at the office at lunch time. A lorry went through the plate glass window. By a great stroke of fortune Ann was out, as her desk was damaged. Glass everywhere. Mr Murray is away too.
Raining hard today and we lost the Test (by 139 runs).

Wednesday 6th July 1966
Junior Sports Day.
Gillian enjoyed the sports more this year – at least she wasn’t last in her races. Thank goodness the weather kept fine for it. Bought myself a blouse in Norah Strudwick’s sale (dress shop in the village).

Thursday 7th July 1966
Picked our first cucumber!
Stormy looking day but the rain has kept off and I was able to mow both lawns. Worked again this afternoon. Mr Murray came back so no doubt I will have a hectic time tomorrow! Joan rang.

Friday 8th July 1966
Dental 11:45am
Had a big filling at the dentist – with an injection so my mouth felt queer for ages. Took the children to Esher after school so we’ve done the bulk of the weekend shopping. We also went to Cobham to change Gill’s beach shoes.

Saturday 9th July 1966
Bought this super ‘Parker 51’ this afternoon. My anniversary present from Cyril (Peggy’s writing this entry with a fountain pen). We only had the village to do this morning., so had an early lunch then I went off to Kingston. Met Di there and we did the rounds. Bought shorts for the holiday too.
Played Canasta and the men won three games.


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