Week 29 : 17th-23rd July 1966

Diary Shelf

There’s a lot happening this week around the world. Here’s just a small taster:-

17th July – The passenger boat, Bridlington Queen, sprang a leak and sank at Bridlington, Yorkshire. All 120 passengers and crew on board were rescued by various other pleasure boats.
18th JulyGemini 10, with astronauts John Young and Michael Collins on board, was launched from Cape Kennedy. After docking with the orbiting Agena Target Vehicle, the craft was boosted into a higher orbit, reaching a record breaking altitude of 474 miles above the earth. The previous record had been 308 miles set by Soviet cosmonauts.
19th July – American astronaut, Michael Collins, performed a spacewalk outside Gemini 10. Collins took photographs before and after capsule sunrise. This was only partly completed as both Collins and Young were suffering from severe eye irritation due to fumes that had come through the air supply. Collins found handling the camera difficult due to the stiffness of his gloves.
19th July – Defending World Champions, Brazil, were knocked out of the World Cup by Portugal, 3-1, in Liverpool after its star player, Pele, was injured. Italy also found themselves out of the cup following defeat by North Korea. Joining Portugal and North Korea in the quarter-finals were Uruguay, England, Argentina, West Germany, Hungary and the Soviet Union.
20th July – British PM Harold Wilson announced what would become known as the ‘July measures’, in order to avoid the devaluation of the pound, a crisis made worse by the seamen’s strike. The terms introduced the most stringent economic measures since World War II, with an additional 10% increase in income taxes and surcharges on petrol and alcohol, and higher sales taxes on most consumer goods, amongst other measures.
BORN: Anton du Beke, dancer, in Sevenoaks, Kent.
21st July – In Geneva, Switzerland the United States and the Soviet Union agreed to a treaty banning any nation from claiming Sovereignty over any portion of outer space, including the moon and planets.
23rd July – Saddam Hussein, Deputy Secretary of Iraq’s Ba’ath Party escaped from prison, where he had been held for almost two years on charges of conspiracy to assassinate President Abdul Rahman Arif. Saddam was being transported to Baghdad for trial when he slipped out of the back door of a restaurant where the party had stopped for lunch and escaped in a waiting car. Two years later, Saddam would help lead a coup that overthrew President Arif and, in 1979, would himself become President of Iraq.
But here’s what matters to Peggy:-

Sunday 17th July 1966
Cyril went to the office to try and clear up some of his work. The children went to Sunday School so I had a quiet and busy morning worrying about all the work I have to clear up at the office! Joan rang this morning.

Monday 18th July 1966
Working very hard all day and again this evening. I’m nowhere near clear yet and am getting myself all worked up!! Lots to do at home too. It’s very cold – I hope it’s going to warm up!!

Tuesday 19th July 1966
I’m all behind with my diary – weather terrible – so depressing and work is even more depressing – I’m having to cram so much in.

Wednesday 20th July 1966
Cyril lunch B.O.A.C.
Worked through lunch hour as Cyril didn’t come home. Weather still terrible! The children are getting excited.

Thursday 21st July 1966
Mary dried the big wash for me as it’s been pouring down. Everyone keeps saying it can’t last!! I believe it’s fine in Cornwall.
My last day at work.

Friday 22nd July 1966
Last day of term.
Cyril and I have had a very busy day – cleaning the house and getting ready. He went to bed at 9pm – I still have a lot to do.

Saturday 23rd July 1966
We made it – we set off at 2am and were very surprised at the number of motorists who had the same idea! Still the going wasn’t too bad up to Exeter – we got through there quite easily but Okehampton was TERRIBLE and from then on. We had our breakfast about ten to eight on Whiddon Down. Didn’t arrive here (Polzeath) until 12 noon. Found ourselves very close to Joan and Mary. We all arrived about the same time. The caravan is quite nice – but not as luxurious as we had hoped. Went on the beach and played cricket.


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