Week 30 : 24th-30th July 1966

Smiths Turners & Wards (1)

On holiday in 1966 with Joan, Fred, Tim, Eileen and Andrew (missing from photo), and Mary and Leonard with David and Diana.

Other things happening in 1966 away from Cornwall:-

  • 24th JulyDIED: Tony Lema, 32, American golfer. Killed when the chartered plane in which he was a passenger, ran out of fuel and crashed into the water hazard just short of the 7th green at Lansing in Illinois.
  • 25th July – The House of Commons voted 328 to 147 in favour of nationalising the steel industry by bringing together the 14 largest producers in the nation under the control of one national corporation which became the British Steel Corporation in 1967.
    DIED: Frank O’Hara, 40, American poet and Curator of the Museum of Modern Art in New York city, the day after being run over by a dune buggy whilst sleeping on the beach at Fire Island.
  • 29th July – Bob Dylan was injured in a motorcycle accident near his home in Woodstock, New York. He would not be seen in public for over a year whilst recovering.
  • 30th July – England defeated West Germany 4-2, after extra time to win the 1966 World Cup Final at Wembley. Geoff Hurst scored both goals in extra time to secure the win and to bring his tally in the game to three. The first time a hat-trick had ever been scored in the World Cup Final

But here’s what’s going on in Cornwall:

Sunday 24th July 1966
I took the children for a walk on the beach before breakfast which was just as well as it has poured all day! Having the roomiest van, we have had visitors most of the morning. Am hoping to write to Pa this pm. Cyril is sleeping. We had a lovely afternoon, swimming etc at Polzeath.


Intrepid water carriers!

Monday 25th July 1966


Went to Daymer Bay today – all day – swimming, picnicking etc! Went to meet Eileen (Cyril’s sister) at Wadebridge. Caravan for tea then a walk along the beach in the evening.


Tuesday 26th July 1966
Cool this morning and windy. However we went to Daymer. Took Eileen to see the church at St Enodoc. Picnic lunch – afternoon tea. Swimming etc. Cooked us a lovely meal this evening. Eileen and I took the children for a walk before bed. Cyril went to Wadebridge with Fred to watch the World Cup semi-finals.

Wednesday 27th July 1966
Have had seven hours at Polzeath today! Very windy – but I’ve mastered the art of surfing. Haven’t missed a day in the sea yet. We went to Padstow afterwards and had a look round. Very tired when we get home about 9:40pm.


Picnic at Daymer Bay

Thursday 28th July 1966
Cold wind blowing but we’ve had a good day at Daymer Bay. Had my swim. We packed up about 4:30 as it was looking stormy. This evening we went to Wadebridge and had an hour on the tennis courts. Fish and chip supper afterwards.



Friday 29th July 1966
Cold wind blowing at Polzeath this morning so we didn’t unpack any of our gear. We came back to lunch and then went off to Rock. I took the children over to Padstow for an hour – bought some lovely fish for dinner. Rang Will this evening. Doris’s operation has been successful.

Saturday 30th July 1966
Lovely day and we’ve had a very nice time at Daymer – a good swim and a sunbathe and to complete the day England won the World Cup! Tim went back at 6:15. Eileen and I rang Will. Doris had been in a great deal of pain. Cyril has disgraced himself by developing a heavy cold.


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