Week 32 : 7th-13th August 1966

Marg crop 2

Margaret Taylor
1st June 1934-30th July 2016

We would like to dedicate this week’s diary to our dear Auntie Margaret, Peggy’s sister-in-law, who has passed away at the age of 82. Much loved by her husband Rob, daughter Anne, late son Robert and her grandchildren.

Throughout our childhood, Auntie Margaret always provided the warmest of welcomes whenever we visited her and Uncle Rob at their home in Upton-on-Severn. Phil and I, along with all her Taylor nieces and nephews, will miss her lovely smile and infectious laugh greatly. She leaves us all with a wealth of happy childhood memories.


Back in Oxshott after the holiday, here’s what’s happening:

Sunday 7th August 1966
Down to earth today, but the washing and ironing is done! Cyril has worked himself to a standstill but has cleaned all the sand out of the car.
Eileen C. rang – Joan rang.

Monday 8th August 1966
It was HORRIBLE going to work this morning. I worked until twelve and brought a pile home with me. I couldn’t get into the swing of it at work and was in two minds whether to give it up – but KWM (Mr Murray) welcomed me back with almost open arms – and gave me holiday money on top of my cheque!

Tuesday 9th August 1966
Went to the office for 1½hours this morning – children were very good – I left them playing in the garden. They’ve been very good all day. I had to go back to work this evening – trying hard to get up to date. I haven’t done my own accounts yet.

Wednesday 10th August 1966
Very disquieting news from Joan tonight that Tim is having leg trouble again. I do hope this isn’t a recurrence of the trouble of last year. They must all be terribly worried. Am not coping very well with my office work.

Thursday 11th August 1966
Have coped with quite a bit of my office work at home today. This evening, we’ve all been to St. Mary Abbots to see Doris. Found her looking better than I had thought she would. Children very late going to bed.

Friday 12th August 1966
Left the children in bed while I went to the office to do the banking etc. They were very good. I’ve done some office work this afternoon – am gradually getting up to date. Have promised to have a session with Gloria tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday 13th August 1966
We all went to Esher this morning. Didn’t think I had much shopping to do, but I managed to spend a great deal of money. Finished off in the village. Worked this afternoon with Gloria at the office. I hear she is being wed on 17th September.
We played cards with Mary and Leonard.

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