Week 33 : 14th-20th August 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:-

  • August 14th – Lunar Orbiter 1 successfully entered orbit around the moon, becoming the first US spacecraft to orbit a ‘heavenly body’ other than the Earth.
  • BORN: American actress, Halle Berry, in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • August 15th – The first mass-marketed ‘JFK Conspiracy’ book to question the findings of the Warren Commission into the shooting of John F Kennedy, is published. Rush to Judgement by Mark Lane went on to become a best-seller.
  • August 17th – The Pioneer 7 space probe was launched by the US and placed into orbit around the sun at an average distance of 83,000,000 miles. Contact with the probe would continue for 29 years until March 1995.

At Number 1 in the UK singles chart was the double A sided Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.

But here’s what’s happening back in Oxshott:-

Sunday 14th August 1966
Joan rang, as she has every day – no improvement in Tim yet. He is to see the specialist on Wednesday week. It seems a long time to have to wait but there is nothing one can do.

Monday 15th August 1966
Cyril was up early and away to Cambridge so I did the washing before I went to the office. Children came up with me. I brought some work home with me and got through it during the afternoon and evening.

Tuesday 16th August 1966
Cyril took the car to Dorking again. This time the jobs have been done. I only meant to be in the office half an hour, but Mr M. collared me. We went to Cobham with Ruth this afternoon

Wednesday 17th August 1966
Went to work until 10:45 this morning -brought some home with me – then did an hour this evening. Very hot day. The children have had the pool out all afternoon. Collecting another layer of suntan!

Thursday 18th August 1966
Cyril to Cardiff. We to Frimley?
Did an hour in the office today then went to Frimley – gave the old neighbours a surprise! Ruth took us in her mini – very late coming back – by train and taxi! Got in at 9:15pm. Nice chatty day! Very hot again.

Friday 19th August 1966
Such a surprise! As Cyril was sitting down in his shirt sleeves to his lunch at 1:45 – in walked Barrie and family. They are over here looking at schools. It was nice seeing them. I had my shorts on – children were in the pool. They could only stay an hour.

Saturday 20th August 1966
Shopped all morning in Esher and have ordered paper to do the toilet and bathroom. I’ve been to the office this afternoon and consequently am in Cyril’s bad books. I feel very annoyed as I don’t go for my health! Playing Canasta tonight with Leonard and Mary.



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