Week 34 : 21st-27th August 1966

Gill & Phil in Doris's Garden '64

Gill and Phil in Doris and Will’s back garden.

Here’s what was going on around the world (and around the moon) this week:-

  • 220px-First_View_of_Earth_from_Moon_-_reprocessedAugust 21st – The first high-resolution photograph of the far side of the moon was transmitted to Earth from the US Lunar Orbiter space probe. Press referred to this picture, taken from an altitude of 1,000 miles above the moon’s surface as ‘History’s first good photograph of the back side of the moon’.
  • August 24th – The Soviet Union launched the Luna 11 space probe to take its own photographs of the moon. However, after the probe arrived in orbit, debris lodged in its ‘attitude control’ engines and the camera could not be aimed at the moon’s surface and instead transmitted pictures of the blackness of outer space.
  • August 26th – NASA released the first photograph of the earth as seen from the moon. This first ‘self-portrait of the earth was taken from a distance of around 239.000 miles.
  • August 26th – In China, as the Cultural Revolution campaign against foreign influence continued, the Red Guard placed posters in Beijing demanding that all foreigners and persons of ‘bourgeois background’ leave by the end of the day.
  • August 27th – Days before his 65th birthday, British yachtsman Francis Chichester set sail from Plymouth harbour in his ketch Gypsy Moth IV with the aim of becoming the first person to sail, single-handedly, around the world.


Back in Oxshott, here’s what’s keeping Peggy occupied:-

Sunday 21st August 1966
Not such a scorcher today. Had a lie in until half past eight and since then have been tidying up etc., etc. Had a ride out to Cobham – I wanted the name of a shop to see if I can get some covers made for the lounge three piece – before September 3rd!

Monday 22nd August 1966
Stormy looking day but we haven’t had much rain and I’ve been able to dry the washing and iron it – children came to the office with me this morning and I’ve done the rest of my work at home. Joan rang tonight – good news that Eileen had passed all her seven O’Levels.
WE WON THE TEST (England v West Indies at The Oval – England won by an Innings and 34 runs)

Tuesday 23rd August 1966
Went to work early this morning and have done an hour this evening. In between I have given the furniture a good polish – worked really hard. Haven’t seen much of the children! Philip is getting excited about his party!!

Wednesday 24th August 1966
Tim to see specialist 2:30
Tim has to have X-rays – more news after next Wednesday.
I’ve been feeling horrible today – don’t know how I managed the trip to and from the hairdressers. Found I had a temperature of 103° when I got home.

Thursday 25th August 1966
Have had to take to my bed – feeling very poorly. Must be tonsillitis I think. Children very concerned at my being in bed. Cyril home at lunch time for the afternoon. He’s trying to decorate the bathroom and the downstairs loo.

Friday 26th August 1966
Still in ‘me bed’. I made the supreme effort, got up and baked Phil’s birthday cakes this afternoon. I was very glad to get back to bed though!

Saturday 27th August 1966
Philip’s party.
Cyril had a very long shopping list when he and Gillian went off shopping. Philip kept wondering when I was going to get up and ice his cake!! I eventually did it – looked very nice too. The party went off very well – and didn’t the children eat!! Mary and Di came in and helped! To my surprise I stayed up and played Canasta.

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