Week 36 : 4th-10th September 1966


Sisters. Joan, Peggy and Muriel (pre 1966)

Here’s what was going on around the world this week:-

  • September 4th – After having marched for civil rights in the South, the Congress of Racial Equality challenged racism in the northern United States, with a 250-person march through the streets of the Chicago suburb of Cicero.
  • September 6th – South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd, the architect of apartheid, was stabbed to death by Dimitri Tsafendas during a parliamentary meeting in Cape Town. Tsafendas gave as his motive that the Prime Minister was doing too much for nonwhites and not enough for South Africa’s white population.
  • September 8th – Star Trek, the new science fiction television series from NBC-TV, was broadcast for the first time on American television. Critic Rick Du Brow said that “‘Star Trek’, a science fiction opus centering around a mammoth space ship, is so absurd that it is almost entertaining.”
  • September 8th – The Severn Road Bridge was opened, crossing the Severn estuary between Wales and England. At the opening ceremony, Queen Elizabeth II hailed it as the dawn of a new economic era for South Wales.
  • September 9th – China detonated its third nuclear weapon, a 100 kiloton atomic bomb dropped from a Tu-16 bomber over the Lop Nor desert test site.
  • September 10th – Muhammad Ali defended his world title in Frankfurt, West Germany, in a challenge by the European heavyweight champion, Karl Mildenberger. Ali won by a technical knockout in the 12th round after the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Here’s what’s happening in Oxshott this week:-

Sunday 4th September 1966
Neil’s Christening.
Heavy rain this morning – and it was pouring when we went to (Church) Crookham. However, it cleared up and was warm and sunny all afternoon. Joan rang this morning – they arrived home at half past midnight.

Monday 5th September 1966
Here it is, Wednesday night!  What happened Monday? I went to work – Mick and Eileen went to London, Tim stayed at home! This evening I went out with the Young Ones!!! It was all right – wouldn’t like to do it every night tho!

Tuesday 6th September 1966
Cyril – air display
Tim & co. going home. I didn’t work this morning. Went up for meat etc. Prepared lunch – did the washing. Tim & co. went off about 2:15 (home 5:20). I worked in the afternoon (and evening).

Wednesday 7th September 1966
Dad’s birthday.
Been thinking about Tim today – he’s gone to hospital – worked all day and have been down with Mrs Findlay for a couple of hours this evening.

Thursday 8th September 1966
Mrs Pocock, the school secretary died – the school won’t seem the same without her.
Worked till twelve – very busy. This afternoon I had 1½hours badminton. Very nice too. No doubt I’ll be stiff tomorrow. Have bottled some damsons this evening. Now I must write some letters.

Friday 9th September 1966
Road Safety 1:25
Worked through lunch then went to school and had an hour on road safety. Cyril in town so he wasn’t home lunch time. Gillian came out of school looking very poorly. Went straight to bed with a high temperature. She has since been sick. School dinner!!

Saturday 10th September 1966
Frank Parker’s wedding
Cobham – dental G & P 9:15am
I believe the wedding went off as planned. I took down a gift but didn’t meet the bride. Gill wasn’t able to go to the dentist – Phil had a filling then he and I went to Leatherhead on the bus. Cyril has finished the bathroom. It looks very nice. We played Canasta. Gillian still running a temperature.


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