Week 37 : 11th-17th September 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what was going on around the world this week:-

  • September 11th – France’s President Charles de Gaulle closed out his world tour with a visit to French Polynesia, and personally witnessing France’s third nuclear test at the Mururoa Atoll. Unfavorable winds had forced a 24-hour postponement of test but despite continued winds that would blow the fallout west toward inhabited islands, rather than south to Antarctica, the test took place so that the President could see it before he went to his next scheduled stop.
  • September 12th – The first episode of the television series The Monkees was broadcast on the NBC network, introducing a rock band that had been assembled as part of the casting of a situation comedy, but whose records would become bestsellers. The group, composed of Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork, went on to have seven gold records, starting with “Last Train to Clarksville”, released on August 16, a month before the show’s debut.
  • September 15th – The Royal Navy launched its first submarine capable of firing nuclear missiles, as the United Kingdom’s new Polaris sub, HMS Resolution, departed from the shipyard at Barrow-in-Furness. HMS Resolution would fire its first test missile on February 15, 1968, and begin patrols later that year. Capable of carrying 16 nuclear-tipped Polaris missiles, each with a range of 2,500 miles, the sub was soon joined by HMS Repulse, HMS Renown and HMS Revenge.
  • September 17th – The American television show Mission: Impossible made its debut, appearing on the CBS network. The premise was that a U.S. intelligence agency, the Impossible Mission Force, would secretly intervene against hostile foreign governments. “As the Vietnam protests mounted in strength,” an observer would write later, “the idea of American agents toppling foreign governments became less popular, and the scripts changed, with the team now attacking organized crime.”
  • September 17th – The 1966 International Gold Cup motor race was won by Jack Brabham in a Brabham BT19. Denny Hulme crossed the line a fraction of a second behind Brabham, driving a slightly newer Brabham model, the BT20.

But here’s what’s happening in Oxshott:-

Sunday 11th September 1966
Gillian was up for a while this afternoon to watch the Air Display. She is still feverish and not wanting to eat or drink yet. I fetched some work home as I don’t think I’ll be at the office much tomorrow.

Monday 12th September 1966
Thank goodness Gillian is at last showing signs of improvement. She has been eating a little today and came down to meals. I left her while I did a couple of hours work. Also did ½hr at home.

Tuesday 13th September 1966
Gillian went to school this morning. I wasn’t particularly happy about her going but I don’t think she wanted to miss the Globe Players! I went back to work this afternoon. Plenty to do – Mr Murray comes back today.

Wednesday 14th September 1966
Picked Sloes (Hmm Sloe Gin!!!!)
Had Gillian home to lunch today – and she thoroughly enjoyed coming home! Very blustery day – Philip and I went to the village after seeing Gill to Brownies. I mowed the lawn before tea. Joan rang, Tim is probably having the weekend at home so we won’t be going on Saturday.

Thursday 15th September 1966
Cyril – Cardiff (motoring this time over the new bridge!)
Cyril went by road to Cardiff today to try out the Severn Bridge. Gillian seems better now. We, at the office, went to The Vic and had champagne and sandwiches with Gloria – I was home in time to change for badminton. Cyril rang.

Friday 16th September 1966
Cycle Training 1:25
Walked to school this morning. Philip to Nicholas’s party this afternoon. I worked until it was time to go down for cycle training. Then did another hour before the children came home. Cyril got back about five.

Saturday 17th September 1966
Joan rang last night to say Tim couldn’t go home for the weekend so we shall be going to see him after all. Cyril went shopping – we set off for Oxford at 11:45 – had our lunch in Hampton Court and arrived in Oxford via London Airport and the M4 at 2:30.

Found Tim looking not too bad, but depressed and lonely. It’s been a beautiful day – we had a picnic tea outside the ward and the children played around. We left at 5pm – home 7pm – even though we stayed too long on the M4!


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