Week 38 : 18th-24th September 1966

Gill & Phil School

Gill and Phil at school

Here’s what was going on around the world this week:-

  • September 19th – Ronald “Buster” Edwards, one of the suspects in the Great Train Robbery of August 8, 1963, voluntarily surrendered to detectives from Scotland Yard. After hiding for more than three years, Edwards had exhausted his £150,000 share of the loot from the robbery.
  • September 19th – At a press conference at the New York Advertising Club, Timothy Leary announced the formation of the League for Spiritual Discovery, which he described as a new, “psychedelic religion”. Leary said, “We seek to find the divinity within and to express this revelation in a life of glorification and the worship of God. These ancient goals we define in the metaphor of the present — turn on, tune in, drop out.”
  • September 20th – The American probe Surveyor 2 was launched toward the Moon for purposes of making a soft landing there, but began tumbling out of control after one of its three thruster rockets failed to ignite for a 10-second course alteration. Rather than making the soft landing that had been planned for, the Surveyor probe crashed into the lunar surface on September 23.
  • September 24th – On an airplane flight across the Atlantic to London, backup guitarist James Marshall Hendrix, who had played using the stage name Jimmy James (and had launched his own group, Jimmy James and the Blue Flames), agreed with his manager Chas Chandler that he should launch his solo recording career with a new stage name, as Jimi Hendrix.
  • At No. 1 in the UK charts was All Or Nothing by The Small Faces.

Meanwhile, back in Oxshott this week:-

Sunday 18th September 1966
We’ve made up for our day out yesterday! Cyril has been painting the back lower outside window frames – clearing out the greenhouse – making SLOE GIN etc. etc. I’ve cleaned both cars and polished the Anglia. Thinking of having driving lessons again. (Look out Oxshott)

Monday 19th September 1966
Lovely day. I didn’t go to work this afternoon – even though I was inundated with it. Have done a lot of housework! Joan just rang to say Tim is having bad headaches So has had to have his head x-rayed – I hope he’s alright.

Tuesday 20th September 1966
Didn’t mind working this afternoon as I had had a good polish up yesterday. Lovely day again. Have been in touch with the Oatlands Park Driving School about lessons!! Must put in plenty of hours to pay for them!

Wednesday 21st September 1966
Rang Joan to see how they found Tim – she said he was very drowsy and was taking a lot of pills for headaches. Have been at work all day.  Cyril has been treating the wood facing under Gill’s bedroom window.

Thursday 22nd September 1966
PTA 7:45pm
Played some strenuous badminton this afternoon and was elected to the PTA Committee this evening! Quite a busy life I’m having!! Cyril has had another go at the woodwork – it’s looking very nice now.

Friday 23rd September 1966
Cyril – day off.
Cyril has worked hard today painting the lower rear windows – putting another coat on the woodwork. Looking very much better now. I did my hour’s stint in the playground – cycle training – then an hour in the office before going down for the children. Have washed and done the ironing and the lawns!! Joan rang – much to our surprise, Tim has been allowed home for the weekend.

Saturday 24th September 1966
Phil had a disturbed night so we were a little late getting up! We all went to Leatherhead -rang the office and invited Susan to lunch. Cyril picked her up at 1pm. After a delayed washing up, I eventually joined the others in the garden. Cyril potted some fuchsia cuttings.
Played Canasta this evening.




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