Week 44 : 30th October-5th November 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1966:-

  • November 1st -Inventor Candido Jacuzzi was granted a Patent for a “Hydrotherapy Tub”. Jacuzzi, who had immigrated to the United States from Italy at the age of 17, had developed the technology, a pump that could create a swirling whirlpool within a standard bathtub, in 1947. The invention had arisen from necessity, to ease the rheumatoid arthritis of Candido’s child, who would document the history in a 2005 book.
  • November 2nd – Air Canada began the first North American air services to the Soviet Union, starting with the flight of a DC-8 jet from Montreal to Moscow. The first Aeroflot flight from the Soviet Union to Canada would be inaugurated two days later.
  • November 2nd – Born: David Schwimmer, American television actor (Friends), in New York City.
  • November 5th – Died: Dietrich von Choltitz, 71, Nazi German military governor of Paris in World War II. After being installed as Military Governor on August 2, 1944, General von Choltitz defied a direct order, from Adolf Hitler, to destroy Paris rather than to let it fall to the Allied invasion force. Instead, he surrendered the city “relatively intact” when troops arrived, and was ostracized after his post-war return home.

But here’s what matters to Peggy and the family:-

Sunday 30th October 1966
Quite a nice day. Did some gardening. Children went to Sunday School – while they were there, we were able to measure up the board in the playroom.

Monday 31st October 1966
Back to school
Back to normal today, children went off to school quite happily. My word, there was a pile of work on my desk after my long weekend off! Went back this afternoon. Very cold. Joan rang.

Tuesday 1st November 1966
Driving Lesson 2-3pm
Quite enjoyed my lesson – felt a bit tensed up to begin with but soon overcame it. I do hope I can do it. Collected a pile of work to bring home.

Wednesday 2nd November 1966
Getting some hours in this week!! Work piling up right, left and centre. Mary tells me she has applied for a job at the dress shop opening shortly in the village.

Thursday 3rd November 1966
Cyril to Cardiff.
Cyril went off to Cardiff – he rang this evening, just as he came out of the Cinema. Very cold here – and foggy tonight. Have worked all day and some more this evening. Gave 10/- towards Ann’s wedding gift today. It’s nearly 11:30pm – am sipping a hot whisky while writing this – then it’s bed for me.

Friday 4th November 1966
Came home about 1:30 and did a line of washing – didn’t dry though – put it all out and it started raining. Fortunately Cyril came home about 3pm so he was able to collect the children. Went to Peter Knight’s this evening – Christmas Preview!

Saturday 5th November 1966
Gillian – Dental 9:30 – Cobham
Bonfire Party – PTA
Gillian’s dental appointment was a complete waste of time – we were waiting 25 minutes for Mr Ross and all he did then was a very quick look! We went on to Leatherhead, shopped, gave Miss Hutt (the school Headmistress!!) a lift home. Stormy morning, but it kept reasonably dry for the bonfire party which was a great success. We sold ALL our hot dogs. Home by 7:30 but raining hard by then.
Played canasta.





Week 43 : 23rd -29th October 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1966:-

  • October 23rd – INS Nilgiri, the first Indian Navy ship built in India, rather than a foreign shipyard, was commissioned. In a collaboration with Yarrow Shipbuilders of Scotland, the first of the Nilgiri-class frigates had been constructed in Mumbai at the Mazagon Docks.
  • October 23rd –  Che Guevara left Cuba for the last time, flying from Havana to Moscow with a Cuban passport in the name Luis Hernandez Galvan, then to Prague as Ramon Benitez of Uruguay, to Vienna as Adolfo Mena of Uruguay, and, ultimately, to Bolivia, where he would be killed in an ambush on October 9, 1967.
  • October 25th – The People’s Republic of China successfully test-fired a nuclear missile for the first time, with an accurate hit and an atomic blast at a pre-determined target in the Lop Nor desert site.
  • October 25th – The House of Commons voted 307-239 to approve the Labour government’s compulsory freeze on wages and prices, with a £500 fine against violators.
  • October 26th – After resolutions by both Houses of Parliament, the Secretary of State for Wales appointed a tribunal to inquire into the causes of and circumstances relating to the Aberfan disaster.
  • October 29th -The first of 11 regenerations of Doctor Who took place, as Dr. Who’s face changed from that of actor William Hartnell, to that of his successor, Patrick Troughton. Hartnell, at 58, was supposedly exhausted from the production schedule,[143] so in the season finale, “The Tenth Planet”, the Doctor remarked “This old body of mine is wearing a bit thin,” and collapsed. With the aid of a slow mix and dissolve, the closeup view of Hartnell’s face was gradually replaced by that of the 46-year old Troughton.

But here’s what’s occupying Peggy this week:-

Sunday 23rd October 1966
We were glad of the extra hour in bed! Children went to Sunday School . After lunch, Rob, Maggie and I took the children out onto the Heath. All feeling very tired this evening.

Monday 24th October 1966
Went to work this morning until 11:30. Rob and Marg took the children to Cobham, had Philip’s hair cut. We all went round to Penny Nairne’s before R & M left at about 3:45pm (7:40pm – Rob just rang from home).

Tuesday 25th October 1966
Worked this morning and again this afternoon and evening at home before going to Young Wives. Heard the sad news that the Vicar died yesterday. Children both well and being very good about my leaving them for a bit. Am getting the house straight again!!

Wednesday 26th October 1966
We all went to the village – got back just before Tim arrived en route for home. He was looking very well and has put on some weight. Went to the office from 1:30-3pm and have worked very hard this evening as I want a day off on Friday.

Thursday 27th October 1966
Philip coughing a great deal last night so we kept him in today. I worked until 11:30. Cyril had a half day so Gillian and I went to badminton. We are both having a day off tomorrow – had intended going to Kingston, but with Philip like this I doubt if we shall go. Joan rang.

Friday 28th October 1966
We had our day off and went to Epsom.  Had a very nice lunch – very expensive! Cyril was measured for a new suit. We were home soon after one as it started to rain. Philip seems to be all right. Joan rang, Tim and Fred gone to Bury St. Edmunds.

Saturday 29th October 1966
We all went to Leatherhead this morning – did some washing when we got back. Had a very excellent lunch – rabbit stew and dumplings. This afternoon I had an hour or so at the Scouts Jumble sale! Bought Cyril an album of records – 78’s – The Mikado for 1/- !!!! Very scratchy, but Cyril had a shilling’s worth of enjoyment. Leonard got back from Newcastle – so we played!



Week 42 : 16th-22nd October 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1966:-

  • October 16th – The 165 square mile Lochinvar Ranch was acquired by the government of Zambia from brothers Harry Wulfsohn and Edwin Wulfsohn, for 40,000 British pounds, and transformed from a former cattle ranch into a wildlife preserve, which would reopen as the Lochinvar National Park in 1972. The park, with 420 different species of animals, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the southern African nation.
  • October 18th – Timothy Evans, who had been hanged in Britain’s Pentonville Prison on March 9, 1950, for a double murder of which he had been innocent, received a posthumous pardon from Queen Elizabeth II after it was discovered that his confession had been coerced and that the chief witness against him, John Christie, had been a serial killer.
  • October 18th – The Ford Cortina MK2 was launched in the United Kingdom.
  • October 20th – Soviet First Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and his guests (including Fidel Castro of Cuba, Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania, János Kádár of Hungary, Willi Stoph of East Germany, Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal and the Communist Party leaders of several other Soviet allies) were at Baikonur Cosmodrome to witness Operation Palma 3, the launch of five rockets and missiles. In addition to the powerful N1 rocket that placed a seventh Molniya-1 communications satellite into orbit, the leaders also watched four ICBM launches.
  • October 21st – At 9:15 in the morning, shortly after the day had started at Pantglas Junior School in the South Wales village of Aberfan, a slag heap (spoil tip) overlooking the school suddenly collapsed, sending an avalanche of two million tons of rock, coal and mud pouring down the hill. Over the years, the heap had risen to a height of 80 feet, until heavy rains weakened it. The disaster killed 116 children and 28 adults. Most of the deaths were of schoolchildren, ranging in age from eight years old to ten years old, who died in their classrooms.
  • October 22nd – George Blake escaped from the maximum security Wormwood Scrubs prison, where he was in the fifth year of a 42-year prison sentence for espionage. Blake, who had been the British vice-consul to South Korea when the North Koreans invaded in 1950, had been a prisoner in the Communist nation until 1953, and became an adherent of Communism during his incarceration, and a spy for the Soviet Union after he resumed service to the British government. After is escape, Blake successfully fled to Moscow.

But here’s what’s occupying Peggy this week:-

Sunday 16th October 1966
Another quite fine day – but haven’t been able to cut the lawns yet. Did another load of washing. Cyril managed to get some of the Chrysanths in! We’ve had a clearing out day!!

Monday 17th October 1966
Cyril and I both had tummy troubles last night!! Philip too was complaining. Quite a nice day. Have worked all day – and booked myself an hour’s driving lesson on Wednesday! Mowed the lawns this evening. Pretty mucky.

Tuesday 18th October 1966
Tim tonight.
Cyril went off to Cardiff feeling not very well – was a wet walk to the station too. I carried on work at the office today and had a great surprise when Mrs Green from Frimley called for me!! Ernest had a trip to Leatherhead and he picked her up. Tim not here yet. 7:45pm. He arrived later, full of beans!

Wednesday 19th October 1966
Tried to leave work early but it was 11:45 before I got away. Had a driving lesson this afternoon – the instructor wasn’t terribly thrilled with my prowess as a driver. I quite enjoyed myself. Tim left at quarter to two. Cyril home at 3pm.

Thursday 20th October 1966
Worked until 12:15pm
Out again after lunch and played badminton all afternoon – until nearly five o’clock. Fair wore myself out. Baked Gill’s marble cake. Joan rang.

Friday 21st October 1966
Last day of term.
Dental 11:30 – me.
My dental trip was a waste of time – had to wait 20 minutes too! Mr Ross didn’t do a thing. So I shopped in the village then went to the cycle training (test) until 2:45 – back for an hour’s work. Great surprise to find Molly and Ted waiting for us! They stayed an hour. Very busy evening.
Appalling tragedy in Aberfan, Wales. Slag heap descended onto the village school – about 200 children buried alive – Horrible.

Saturday 22nd October 1966
Gillian’s party.
Rob & Maggie arrived about 2pm. We had a hectic morning – shopping, washing, cooking lunch and so on. The party was a great success even though it poured with rain after tea and Cyril got soaked lighting the fireworks. Gillian has had an exciting day – twenty-four cards and lots of gifts – she likes the Spirograph we gave her.



Week 41 : 9th-15th October 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1966:-

  • October 9th – Born: David Cameron, in Marylebone, London.
  • October 10th – The Beach Boys released “Good Vibrations”, their most popular record ever. The song would reach No. 1 in the charts in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.
  • October 10th – Born: Tony Adams, English footballer with 65 appearances in the national team, in Romford, Essex.
  • October 14th – The 900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings was observed, celebrating the pivotal October 14, 1066 confrontation of the Norman Conquest of England, the death of King Harold II, and the beginning of a new regal dynasty under William the Conqueror. To mark the occasion, the General Post Office released 197,000,000 commemorative four-penny stamps throughout. Philatelists purchased sheets of the stamps for their collections, and some found printing errors that increased the rarity (and the value) of their purchase.
  • October 14th – After his return from his tour of South Vietnam, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara sent a secret memo to President Johnson conceding that the U.S. effort in the Vietnam War was failing. “The prognosis is bad that the war can be brought to a satisfactory conclusion within the next two years… I see no reasonable way to bring the war to an end soon.”

But here’s what’s occupying Peggy this week:-

Sunday 9th October 1966
Haven’t done a great deal today – face still aching. Joan rang this morning. Tim going on all right. He’s away for the weekend. Shampoos and sets all round this afternoon. (Phil must have looked fetching!)

Monday 10th October 1966
Keep Fit very poorly attended so the class will probably close. It will at least give me another evening in!! Work piling up – am not having it very easy since Mr Murray has been gone!!

Tuesday 11th October 1966
Gave Young Wives a miss tonight. Mary did the collecting for me. Cyril and I had a busy evening assembling Philip’s train and lines for Christmas. Cyril bought the lines etc. today – and Gill’s birthday present. He came home with £8 Green Shield stamps!! Licking and sticking!

Wednesday 12th October 1966
PTA – Mary Morgan 2pm
We had a very nice luncheon party in my office today – Mrs James’ and my anniversary!! One year! Cyril joined us. Afterwards I went to Mary Morgan’s and we got organised for the bonfire party. Baked a fruit cake this evening.

Thursday 13th October 1966
PTA 7:45pm
Worked this morning, badminton pm. PTA meeting wasn’t very enlightening. Could have employed my time better by  staying at home baking!! Tooth aching a lot so have rung the dentist.

Friday 14th October 1966
Went to see Mr Ross this morning. He pulled some bits of tooth out – so maybe it’ll improve now!! Got a lift to Esher – did the bank and shopping – bus back and did an hour in the office. Baked all evening. Joan rang.

Saturday 15th October 1966
Doris & Will today.
Up early this morning and had a very busy Saturday morning. Cyril and I went to the village for veg before Cyril left for Welling. We were delighted to see Doris walking much better than we’ve seen her for many months. Lovely day. I even did a machine load of washing before they got back. It dried too and I’ve ironed it this evening. Cyril took Doris and Will home about seven and was back at 9:30pm



Week 40 : 2nd October – 8th October 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1966:-

  • October 2nd – The 1966 United States Grand Prix was held at Watkins Glen Grand Prix Race Course and was won by Jack Brabham.
  • October 2nd – The first in a series of four plays entitled Talking to a Stranger was broadcast on BBC2 as part of the Theatre 625 series. Hailed by critics as one of the most important television dramas of the 1960s, it would go on to be placed seventy-eighth in a 2000 poll of industry professionals conducted by the British Film Institute to determine the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes of the 20th century.
  • October 3rd – The Morpeth to Reedsmouth line of the Great North Eastern Railway was closed.
  • October 4th – Israel applied for a treaty of association (though not a membership) in the European Economic Community (EEC), commonly referred to at the time as the “Common Market”.
  • October 6th – Born: Niall Quinn, Irish soccer football player with 92 appearances for the Republic of Ireland national team.
  • October 7th -In a major foreign policy speech in New York City to the National Conference of Editorial Writers, U.S. President Johnson said that if the Soviet Union reduced its military forces in central Europe, the United States would do the same and would urge its NATO allies to follow suit. “Europe is partitioned,” he said, and referring to Germany, added “We must turn to one of the great unfinished tasks of our generation–and that unfinished task is making Europe whole again”.
  • October 8th – Two days before Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko met with U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, the Soviet Union announced that it was rejecting the United Kingdom’s six-point plan to end the Vietnam War. British Foreign Secretary George Brown met with Gromyko in London, and proposed that the two nations arrange a peace conference in Geneva. The Soviet position was that, until North Vietnam requested a conference, the U.S.S.R. would not push for peace negotiations.

But here’s what’s keeping Peggy and the family occupied….:-

Sunday 2nd October 1966
A filthy morning, we all took Ron Fuzzey to London Airport so had a very late lunch. Cyril and Leonard cleaned out the guttering this afternoon. All very tired!!

Monday 3rd October 1966
I’ve got a niggly toothache! Very stormy morning but it cleared up and I went over to Penny Nairne’s – didn’t buy anything though. Tooth too painful to go to Keep Fit.

Tuesday 4th October 1966
Had a very bad night – I must have an abscess on my tooth. It does hurt. No office for me today. Dentist at quarter to three. Had my tooth out – and it did hurt even though Mr Ross gave me a double injection. Feeling very sorry for myself. Bed.

Wednesday 5th October 1966
Bags of sympathy from everyone when I turned up with my poor swollen face. It’s still hurting but thank goodness it shouldn’t get any worse. Intended coming home early but had so much to do. Gloria brought me home eventually at 1:45pm. Cyril in town today.

Thursday 6th October 1966
Cyril to Cardiff.
Called at Dr Little’s on the way to the office – he has given me penicillin and a mouth wash so I’m hoping soon that my face will go back to normal. Have been at work all day. Mr Murray has gone on holiday – leaving me plenty to do. Cyril rang this evening. Nice surprise parcel – nylons for me from Joan.

Friday 7th October 1966
Worked until 12:30 – Cyril home at one – I went up to cycle training and then back to the office for an hour. Ann Murray surprised us all by announcing her engagement! My face still hurts – it makes me feel miserable. Went to the Schiff Home and visited Alma.

Saturday 8th October 1966
Shopped in Leatherhead this morning – bought Philip a new pair of lace-ups – size 2, much to Gill’s disgust as she is still in size 1! Have done the biggest part of the wash – didn’t dry very well – and have done a bit of baking. Still not feeling right. Playing Canasta tonight.