Week 40 : 2nd October – 8th October 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1966:-

  • October 2nd – The 1966 United States Grand Prix was held at Watkins Glen Grand Prix Race Course and was won by Jack Brabham.
  • October 2nd – The first in a series of four plays entitled Talking to a Stranger was broadcast on BBC2 as part of the Theatre 625 series. Hailed by critics as one of the most important television dramas of the 1960s, it would go on to be placed seventy-eighth in a 2000 poll of industry professionals conducted by the British Film Institute to determine the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes of the 20th century.
  • October 3rd – The Morpeth to Reedsmouth line of the Great North Eastern Railway was closed.
  • October 4th – Israel applied for a treaty of association (though not a membership) in the European Economic Community (EEC), commonly referred to at the time as the “Common Market”.
  • October 6th – Born: Niall Quinn, Irish soccer football player with 92 appearances for the Republic of Ireland national team.
  • October 7th -In a major foreign policy speech in New York City to the National Conference of Editorial Writers, U.S. President Johnson said that if the Soviet Union reduced its military forces in central Europe, the United States would do the same and would urge its NATO allies to follow suit. “Europe is partitioned,” he said, and referring to Germany, added “We must turn to one of the great unfinished tasks of our generation–and that unfinished task is making Europe whole again”.
  • October 8th – Two days before Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko met with U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, the Soviet Union announced that it was rejecting the United Kingdom’s six-point plan to end the Vietnam War. British Foreign Secretary George Brown met with Gromyko in London, and proposed that the two nations arrange a peace conference in Geneva. The Soviet position was that, until North Vietnam requested a conference, the U.S.S.R. would not push for peace negotiations.

But here’s what’s keeping Peggy and the family occupied….:-

Sunday 2nd October 1966
A filthy morning, we all took Ron Fuzzey to London Airport so had a very late lunch. Cyril and Leonard cleaned out the guttering this afternoon. All very tired!!

Monday 3rd October 1966
I’ve got a niggly toothache! Very stormy morning but it cleared up and I went over to Penny Nairne’s – didn’t buy anything though. Tooth too painful to go to Keep Fit.

Tuesday 4th October 1966
Had a very bad night – I must have an abscess on my tooth. It does hurt. No office for me today. Dentist at quarter to three. Had my tooth out – and it did hurt even though Mr Ross gave me a double injection. Feeling very sorry for myself. Bed.

Wednesday 5th October 1966
Bags of sympathy from everyone when I turned up with my poor swollen face. It’s still hurting but thank goodness it shouldn’t get any worse. Intended coming home early but had so much to do. Gloria brought me home eventually at 1:45pm. Cyril in town today.

Thursday 6th October 1966
Cyril to Cardiff.
Called at Dr Little’s on the way to the office – he has given me penicillin and a mouth wash so I’m hoping soon that my face will go back to normal. Have been at work all day. Mr Murray has gone on holiday – leaving me plenty to do. Cyril rang this evening. Nice surprise parcel – nylons for me from Joan.

Friday 7th October 1966
Worked until 12:30 – Cyril home at one – I went up to cycle training and then back to the office for an hour. Ann Murray surprised us all by announcing her engagement! My face still hurts – it makes me feel miserable. Went to the Schiff Home and visited Alma.

Saturday 8th October 1966
Shopped in Leatherhead this morning – bought Philip a new pair of lace-ups – size 2, much to Gill’s disgust as she is still in size 1! Have done the biggest part of the wash – didn’t dry very well – and have done a bit of baking. Still not feeling right. Playing Canasta tonight.

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