Week 43 : 23rd -29th October 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1966:-

  • October 23rd – INS Nilgiri, the first Indian Navy ship built in India, rather than a foreign shipyard, was commissioned. In a collaboration with Yarrow Shipbuilders of Scotland, the first of the Nilgiri-class frigates had been constructed in Mumbai at the Mazagon Docks.
  • October 23rd –  Che Guevara left Cuba for the last time, flying from Havana to Moscow with a Cuban passport in the name Luis Hernandez Galvan, then to Prague as Ramon Benitez of Uruguay, to Vienna as Adolfo Mena of Uruguay, and, ultimately, to Bolivia, where he would be killed in an ambush on October 9, 1967.
  • October 25th – The People’s Republic of China successfully test-fired a nuclear missile for the first time, with an accurate hit and an atomic blast at a pre-determined target in the Lop Nor desert site.
  • October 25th – The House of Commons voted 307-239 to approve the Labour government’s compulsory freeze on wages and prices, with a £500 fine against violators.
  • October 26th – After resolutions by both Houses of Parliament, the Secretary of State for Wales appointed a tribunal to inquire into the causes of and circumstances relating to the Aberfan disaster.
  • October 29th -The first of 11 regenerations of Doctor Who took place, as Dr. Who’s face changed from that of actor William Hartnell, to that of his successor, Patrick Troughton. Hartnell, at 58, was supposedly exhausted from the production schedule,[143] so in the season finale, “The Tenth Planet”, the Doctor remarked “This old body of mine is wearing a bit thin,” and collapsed. With the aid of a slow mix and dissolve, the closeup view of Hartnell’s face was gradually replaced by that of the 46-year old Troughton.

But here’s what’s occupying Peggy this week:-

Sunday 23rd October 1966
We were glad of the extra hour in bed! Children went to Sunday School . After lunch, Rob, Maggie and I took the children out onto the Heath. All feeling very tired this evening.

Monday 24th October 1966
Went to work this morning until 11:30. Rob and Marg took the children to Cobham, had Philip’s hair cut. We all went round to Penny Nairne’s before R & M left at about 3:45pm (7:40pm – Rob just rang from home).

Tuesday 25th October 1966
Worked this morning and again this afternoon and evening at home before going to Young Wives. Heard the sad news that the Vicar died yesterday. Children both well and being very good about my leaving them for a bit. Am getting the house straight again!!

Wednesday 26th October 1966
We all went to the village – got back just before Tim arrived en route for home. He was looking very well and has put on some weight. Went to the office from 1:30-3pm and have worked very hard this evening as I want a day off on Friday.

Thursday 27th October 1966
Philip coughing a great deal last night so we kept him in today. I worked until 11:30. Cyril had a half day so Gillian and I went to badminton. We are both having a day off tomorrow – had intended going to Kingston, but with Philip like this I doubt if we shall go. Joan rang.

Friday 28th October 1966
We had our day off and went to Epsom.  Had a very nice lunch – very expensive! Cyril was measured for a new suit. We were home soon after one as it started to rain. Philip seems to be all right. Joan rang, Tim and Fred gone to Bury St. Edmunds.

Saturday 29th October 1966
We all went to Leatherhead this morning – did some washing when we got back. Had a very excellent lunch – rabbit stew and dumplings. This afternoon I had an hour or so at the Scouts Jumble sale! Bought Cyril an album of records – 78’s – The Mikado for 1/- !!!! Very scratchy, but Cyril had a shilling’s worth of enjoyment. Leonard got back from Newcastle – so we played!




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