Week 44 : 30th October-5th November 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1966:-

  • November 1st -Inventor Candido Jacuzzi was granted a Patent for a “Hydrotherapy Tub”. Jacuzzi, who had immigrated to the United States from Italy at the age of 17, had developed the technology, a pump that could create a swirling whirlpool within a standard bathtub, in 1947. The invention had arisen from necessity, to ease the rheumatoid arthritis of Candido’s child, who would document the history in a 2005 book.
  • November 2nd – Air Canada began the first North American air services to the Soviet Union, starting with the flight of a DC-8 jet from Montreal to Moscow. The first Aeroflot flight from the Soviet Union to Canada would be inaugurated two days later.
  • November 2nd – Born: David Schwimmer, American television actor (Friends), in New York City.
  • November 5th – Died: Dietrich von Choltitz, 71, Nazi German military governor of Paris in World War II. After being installed as Military Governor on August 2, 1944, General von Choltitz defied a direct order, from Adolf Hitler, to destroy Paris rather than to let it fall to the Allied invasion force. Instead, he surrendered the city “relatively intact” when troops arrived, and was ostracized after his post-war return home.

But here’s what matters to Peggy and the family:-

Sunday 30th October 1966
Quite a nice day. Did some gardening. Children went to Sunday School – while they were there, we were able to measure up the board in the playroom.

Monday 31st October 1966
Back to school
Back to normal today, children went off to school quite happily. My word, there was a pile of work on my desk after my long weekend off! Went back this afternoon. Very cold. Joan rang.

Tuesday 1st November 1966
Driving Lesson 2-3pm
Quite enjoyed my lesson – felt a bit tensed up to begin with but soon overcame it. I do hope I can do it. Collected a pile of work to bring home.

Wednesday 2nd November 1966
Getting some hours in this week!! Work piling up right, left and centre. Mary tells me she has applied for a job at the dress shop opening shortly in the village.

Thursday 3rd November 1966
Cyril to Cardiff.
Cyril went off to Cardiff – he rang this evening, just as he came out of the Cinema. Very cold here – and foggy tonight. Have worked all day and some more this evening. Gave 10/- towards Ann’s wedding gift today. It’s nearly 11:30pm – am sipping a hot whisky while writing this – then it’s bed for me.

Friday 4th November 1966
Came home about 1:30 and did a line of washing – didn’t dry though – put it all out and it started raining. Fortunately Cyril came home about 3pm so he was able to collect the children. Went to Peter Knight’s this evening – Christmas Preview!

Saturday 5th November 1966
Gillian – Dental 9:30 – Cobham
Bonfire Party – PTA
Gillian’s dental appointment was a complete waste of time – we were waiting 25 minutes for Mr Ross and all he did then was a very quick look! We went on to Leatherhead, shopped, gave Miss Hutt (the school Headmistress!!) a lift home. Stormy morning, but it kept reasonably dry for the bonfire party which was a great success. We sold ALL our hot dogs. Home by 7:30 but raining hard by then.
Played canasta.






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