Week 45 : 6th November – 12th November 1966

Diary Shelf

Around the world this week in 1966:-

  • November 6th – Lunar Orbiter 2 was launched by the United States from Cape Kennedy at 6:21 p.m. local time. After initially orbiting at 122 miles (196 kilometers) above the surface, the probe was guided to a lower orbit of only 30 miles (50 km) over the Moon by November 15, and during the week of November 18 to November 25, took 609 high resolution photographs of landing sites.
  • November 8th Born: Gordon Ramsay, Scottish chef, restaurateur and television host, known for the Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares shows; in Johnstone, Renfrewshire.
  • November 9th – John Lennon of The Beatles first met Yoko Ono, a 33-year old Japanese conceptual artist, at the Indica Gallery in London, where her work was being featured in an exhibit sponsored by art dealer Robert “Groovy Bob” Fraser. Within two years, Lennon would divorce his wife of six years, Cynthia, and would marry Ono on March 20, 1969, prior to the group’s break-up in 1970.
  • November 11th – Generalissimo Francisco Franco issued a general pardon to all persons who had been convicted of political crimes during the Spanish Civil War, declaring an amnesty for those Spanish residents who had been with the Republicans. It was unclear whether the amnesty extended to tens of thousands of Republican fighters who had gone into exile after Franco became Spain’s leader.
  • November 11th – After several postponements, Gemini 12, the last of the Gemini manned space missions, was launched from Florida’s Cape Kennedy with U.S. Navy Captain James A. Lovell, Jr., and U.S. Air Force Major Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr who would later be the second man on the Moon.
  • November 12th – A total solar eclipse took place, and was observed by scientists in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil. For the first time, photos of the eclipse were taken from outer space as Edwin Aldrin made photographs while the cockpit was open on Gemini 12.

But here’s what matters to Peggy and the family:-

Sunday 6th November 1966
Very tired this morning. Had a lie-in until 8:30am! Been working hard ever since. Cyril seems a bit of a misery today – he has a swollen ankle so I think it must be painful. Miserable, wet day.

Monday 7th November 1966
Beautiful Spring like day. I was up early and did my ironing before breakfast. Spoke to Maggie this evening, and to Joan. Cyril cleaning up Philip’s Christmas present! Worked this afternoon.


Gill’s Christmas present was an ITT Stereopack portable record player and speakers. The speakers clipped to the body to form a lid.

Tuesday 8th November 1966
Driving Lesson 2pm
My instructor said he was very pleased with my driving today. I hope he was – I didn’t think I did very well. Cyril bought Gill’s Christmas present today – a record player! Went to Young Wives – not terribly exciting.

Wednesday 9th November 1966
2pm Mary Morgan’s
Didn’t get much work done today as Mr Murray and I had the Kalamazoo men in. Cyril was home before me but I got away to Mary Morgan’s on time. Very cold today.

Thursday 10th November 1966
The new suite arrived just as I got home at lunch time – nice timing. Cyril is furious as the casters have all been put on in a very shoddy manner – one fell off! Played badminton this afternoon. Joan rang.

Friday 11th November 1966
Philip surprised us by being unwell this morning – he looked very off so I left him in bed. As it happened, I had a dental at 12:15 so came home about 11:25 – out again at 12! The manager from Courts came out and re-did the casters.

Saturday 12th November 1966
Philip to Estella’s party.
Gill to ballet at Dorking.
Me to Ruth’s
Cyril did the shopping. Philip seems to have recovered – he was singing at 6am! Cyril took Mary, Phyl and I to South Wimbledon – we had quite a good time helping Ruth and Co. I was ‘cashier’ in the ‘teas’ department. Gillian enjoyed the ballet. She had tea with the Leyshons afterwards, so Cyril had a quiet afternoon. I was home at 6:25pm. Leonard picked us up at Wimbledon. Played Canasta.






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