Week 46 : 13th – 19th November 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:-

  • November 13th – Tanks of the Israeli Army swept across the border from Israel and attacked towns located in Jordan. Jordan’s ambassador to the United Nations told reporters that 13 Jordanian soldiers and 13 civilians had been killed in the attack, which came the day after four Israeli Army personnel had been killed by a land mine on their side of the border. Prime Minister Levi Eshkol of Israel said later, “We trust that the lesson will not go unheeded in Damascus.”
  • November 15th – Gemini 12, with James Lovell and Buzz Aldrin on board, splashed down safely in the Atlantic Ocean, 600 km east of the Bahamas, bringing an end to the Gemini program and making way for the Apollo manned program set to land on the Moon. Both Aldrin and Lovell would fly on Apollo missions.
  • November 17th – Don’t Drink the Water, the first full-length play by comedian Woody Allen, premiered on Broadway at the Morosco Theatre. After a run of 598 performances on stage, it would be made into a 1969 feature film and later as a 1994 made-for-television movie.
  • November 17th – Born: Jeff Buckley, American singer-songwriter (died 1997), son of Tim Buckley, in Anaheim, California.
  • November 18th – Roman Catholics in the United States would no longer be required to abstain from meat on Fridays, as a national conference of Roman Catholic cardinals, archbishops and bishops voted in Washington to revoke a requirement of abstinence that had been in effect for 11 centuries.
  • November 18th – U.S. Air Force Major William J. Knight flew the North American X-15 to a record speed of Mach 6.33 (4,250 mph). Major Knight began the flight after he had climbed to an altitude of 98,000 feet, and covered a distance of 637 miles in nine minutes.

But here’s what’s happening in the centre of Peggy’s Universe:-

Sunday 13th November 1966
Damp and miserable day. Children to Sunday School. Cyril washed both cars – then re-covered a bedroom stool so he has had quite a day. Joan rang.

Monday 14th November 1966
Driving Lesson.
Went for my lesson and did some reversing round corners! Very bust at the office – brought some work home this evening. Cyril working on the Christmas present!!

Tuesday 15th November 1966
PTA 8pm
Worked all day. Doris wants us to go to Welling on Saturday, but if Joan comes we won’t be able to. Committee meeting wasn’t very interesting.

Wednesday 16th November 1966
Worked all day again. Getting some hours in Mr Murray decided to help me and now I’m in a worse muddle than ever. Philip unhappy this PM – says there is something in his eye. Have shampooed and coloured my hair.

Thursday 17th November 1966
Cyril to Cardiff
Bad news from Joan that Tim has to go into hospital again for radium needle treatment. She sounded very depressed tonight. I have worked very hard this evening. Washed and polished floors – helped Gill make a gonk. It’s nearly midnight and I’m not ready for bed yet!

Friday 18th November 1966
Worked until one – then took the bus to Esher and did all the shopping. My poor aching arms! Home at ten to three – then out to meet children. On the way home we met Joan and went straight to the station to meet Cyril!

Saturday 19th November 1966
News of Tim isn’t good – Joan isn’t looking well – but we made the most of our day out! At Kingston at 9am (found I had left all my money at home! Fortunately Joan was loaded!!) We shopped and ate and shopped and ate! 4:30pm when we picked the car up. Parking cost 6/-!!! Both very weary by bedtime. I wrapped all my Worcester Christmas presents for Joan to take back.


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