Week 48 : 27th November – 3rd December 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:-

  • November 28th – The Soyuz program began in the Soviet Union with the unmanned launch of a new series of space vehicles. In order to disguise the mission’s true purpose, the launch was initially referred to as Kosmos 133. Fifty years later, Soyuz rockets continue to be flown, by the Russian Space Agency, as a shuttle to the International Space Station.
  • November 29th – Twenty-four centuries after his death in 479 BCE, the tomb of the Chinese philosopher Confucius was destroyed by members of the Red Guards in Qufu, in China’s Shandong Province. The teachings of Confucius had come under criticism during the Cultural Revolution as a symbol of China’s feudal past. The students destroyed his statue and a memorial tablet, then dug up his grave “only to find nothing inside it”.
  • November 30th – Barbados was granted independence from the United Kingdom after 341 years. Present at the flag raising ceremonies in Bridgetown, were Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, appearing on behalf of his cousin, Queen Elizabeth II, and Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Prime Minister Errol Barrow said that he wanted his Caribbean island nation to be the first British Commonwealth Member to join the Organization of American States.
  • December 1st – No. 1 in the UK charts was Tom Jones’ The Green Green Grass of Home.
  • December 2nd – British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Rhodesian Prime minister Ian Smith met for negotiations on board the British warship HMS Tiger in the Mediterranean. After Smith’s return, the Rhodesian government rejected the “Tiger Pact” proposed by the British, who had set a deadline of noon on December 5 for an answer. Among the British demands was a return of control of the armed forces and the police to Sir Humphrey Gibbs, and his restoration as Governor of the colony, as well as a dissolution of the Rhodesian parliament.
  • December 3rd – Following a lunch hosted by the French Diplomatic Press Association in Paris, visiting Soviet Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin answered the questions of reporters in a press conference. One reporter asked Kosygin about whether the Soviet Union would allow Soviet Jews to emigrate to Israel, and Kosygin replied that, “If there are some families divided by the war who want to meet their relatives outside the USSR or even to leave the USSR, we shall do all in our power to help them. The way is open to them and will remain open and there is no problem.” Kosygin’s statement was reprinted in Izvestia two days later (albeit without the statement that the government would do all in its power to help), and hundreds of Soviet Jews filed applications to depart.

But here’s what’s happening in the centre of Peggy’s Universe:-

Sunday 27th November 1966
Gillian seems to have started a cold – very sorry for herself first thing but she cheered up and went to Sunday School. Cyril has had a hard day putting in the bulbs up the back and preparing the front beds.

Monday 28th November 1966
Driving Lesson
Lesson went off quite well. I did some turns in the road. Thank goodness it wasn’t foggy or wet. Gillian had a day in bed today – coughing a bit. I came home early and brought all my work with me.

Tuesday 29th November 1966
Cyril went to Cardiff this morning – had a lift up with Dennis. Worked until 1pm, Mrs Daniels gave me a lift home and back again at 2pm. Joan rang – said Tim is going home on Saturday. Oh I do so hope this has cured him.

Wednesday 30th November 1966
Gillian went to Tina’s party after school. Cyril was home in time to pick us up from school. Bitterly cold today.

Thursday 1st December 1966
Haven’t been writing up – too busy working!!! Not much time for anything else! Pay day – with bonus £1-13-4!!

Friday 2nd December 1966
Rushed off to Esher – banked and shopped. Very heavy load to carry home – then I went up to the village again before school. Did some washing this evening.

Saturday 3rd December 1966
Cheese & Wine Party
Ironed early. We went to Walton and collected my pearls and shopped. I went to the Village Centre to help prepare the Cheese & Wine party. Had a very good evening. Sue and Dick sat in. We were back at 12:15am – after the sitters left, we (and Leonard and Mary, who had been with us) finished up at Denis and Alma’s until 2:30am.!!



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