Week 50 : 11th-17th December 1966

Diary Shelf

Here’s what’s happening around the world this week:-

  • December 11th -NASA released the first photograph to show, “almost the entire disc of the Earth”, taken two days earlier from the ATS-1 satellite from a height of 23,000 miles.
  • December 12th – The West German cargo ship MV Contentia collided with the Bull lightvessel and sank at the mouth of the River Humber. The West German coaster MV Elke also collided with another ship and sank in the Humber Estuary.
  • December 14th – Voters in Spain overwhelmingly voted in favor of the new constitution that had been proposed by Spain’s President, Generalissimo Francisco Franco and that provided for the eventual restoration of the monarchy. Opponents of the proposed constitution had been prohibited from campaigning against it, although they had been allowed to ask people not to vote in the election at all. According to the government, nearly 89% of registered voters turned out at the polls, and 93.3% of them voted yes on the proposal, while 3.2% voted no, and 3.5% did not properly mark their ballots.
  • December 15th -Died: Walt Disney, 65, American animated film producer who built his independent film company into a multimillion-dollar empire of film studios and amusement parks, died at St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank, California. Flags on all government buildings in Los Angeles County were ordered lowered to half staff in his honour.
  • December 16th – By an 11-0 vote, the United Nations Security Council approved an oil embargo and other economic sanctions against Rhodesia. Permanent members France and the Soviet Union abstained. Other proposed amendments failed to gain enough support, including an amendment that suggested that the United Kingdom “use every means, including force” to bring about the downfall of the white-minority government of Ian Smith.
  • December 16th –Born: Dennis Wise, English soccer football midfielder, with 21 appearances for England between 1991 and 2000; in Kensington, London.
  • December 17th – The first successful pancreatic transplant on a human being took place at the University of Minnesota, as a team of surgeons led by Dr. William D. Kellyand carried out “a duct-ligated segmental pancreas graft” into an unidentified 28-year-old woman, effectively reversing her type 1 diabetes, and resulting “in immediate insulin independence”.

But here’s what’s occupying Peggy’s world:-

Sunday 11th December 1966
Had a drink before lunch with Mary and Leonard and apart from that it’s been a quiet sort of day. Cyril put some tulips in the front garden. Joan rang – Pa is talking of going to Ripon for Christmas.

Monday 12th December 1966
Didn’t come home lunch time – instead Gloria cut my hair! Feeling shorn and chilly now! Mr Murray starting a new system of book keeping and delaying me much more than somewhat.

Tuesday 13th December 1966
Cyril – Cambridge.
½ day from school.
Driving Lesson.
Worked until 12 and Gloria brought the children and I home from school – then came back and cut Gill’s hair. After my lesson, we three went to the village. I tried on a few dresses in the Boutique – didn’t buy anything though. Cyril and Ron came in about 8pm.

Wednesday 14th December 1966
Cyril and Ron to lunch then to Hog Rob’s “do”.
Had a rush round to prepare a 12:30 lunch for three. However, I left the office before 12 – went back to work – collected Gill and took her to Brownie Party – then back to work until 5pm!

Thursday 15th December
Cyril – Cardiff.
Help at party.
Worked through the lunch hour – in an endeavour to catch up! Then came home and almost at once went out to the party. Eileen Lister gave me a ring and picked me up fortunately and also brought us home.

Friday 16th December 1966
Cyril home.
Worked until one then caught the bus to Esher in the pouring rain. It was a miserable shopping expedition. Cyril’s train was 40 minutes late – he was home about 3:20 – then we went to pick up the Christmas tree. Finished icing the cake.

Saturday 17th December 1966
We were up with the lark and in Kingston at Lamberts before 9am. Bought Cyril’s Christmas present – the Ford manual and a car mat!  Back to Hook and Esher for the rest of the shopping. This afternoon I’ve been back to Kingston and it nearly killed me. Ghastly. It was so crowded. I’ve spent so much money that it scares me! The family decorated the tree while I was out!


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