Week 1 : 1st-7th January 1967

Diary Shelf

Happy New Year! Here’s how the world kicked-off in 1967:

  • January 1st – Police raided a Los Angeles gay bar, the Black Cat Tavern, and arrested several patrons for kissing as they celebrated New Year. 
  • January 2nd – Future U.S. President Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the 33rd Governor of California.
  • January 3rd – Brazil enacted its first major conservation measure, the Law on Protection of Fauna, declaring that, “animals of any species, at any stage of their development and living out of captivity are the property of the State”.
  • January 3rd – Israel’s Ministry of Defense issued an order to the Israel Defense Forces that they were not to return fire against tank or mortar attacks by Syria from its side of the border, in an effort to prevent violence from escalating into war.
  • January 4th – Donald Campbell attempted to become the first to run a boat at 300 mph (480 km/h) and apparently reached that speed in Bluebird, his jet-powered hydrofoil, on Coniston Water in Cumbria. Campbell had reached 297 mph on his north to south run over one kilometer, and was 150 meters short of completing the south to north return trip at an average speed of “well above 300 mph” when the boat became airborne, flipped, and disintegrated upon hitting the water. The Bluebird and Campbell’s remains would stay at the bottom of Coniston Water for more than 34 years, until its recovery from the lake in March 2001.
  • January 5th – The White House confirmed that U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson had rejected an official portrait painted of him by renowned artist Peter Hurd. Hurd said that when he presented the portrait to Johnson at the LBJ Ranch the President had, “gotten angry” and said that the painting was “the ugliest thing I ever saw”.
  • January 6th – British Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s Government was reshuffled as he fired eight of his 23 cabinet ministers. Harold Lever and Peter Shore both joined the ministerial team in the Department for Economic Affairs; Eirene White and Walter Padley left Foreign Affairs, to be replaced by George Thomson and Fred Mulley; and John Stonehouse was made Minister of State for Aviation. Lord Shackleton and Patrick Gordon Walker became Ministers without Portfolio.
  • January 7th – The Forsyte Saga, a British television series adapted from the series of novels by John Galsworthy, was broadcast for the first time, originally on BBC2 when six million people watched. The reaction to it was so positive that on its repeat showing the next night on BBC1, 18 million people would tune in, and the show would become popular worldwide.
  • January 7th – Born: Nick Clegg, UK politician who served as Deputy Prime Minister from 2010 to 2015.

And here’s how Peggy and the family start the New Year!

Sunday 1st January 1967
Here we are again at the beginning of another year – and I wonder what will be in store for us! Gillian got up and dressed in her uniform for Church Parade, but there weren’t any other Brownies present so she came home. Di had tea – we had the Turners in again – playing ‘Go’.

Monday 2nd January 1967
Have worked 8 hours for Mays today – up there and down here and feel tired, achey and ready to give up!! I console myself with the thought that the pay cheque will be worth having at month end!! But I want some time off this week. Joan rang.

Tuesday 3rd January 1967
Cyril having his eyes tested this evening. I worked this morning and after I had cleaned up after lunch we went over the heath – into the village and home. Made a change of scenery for the children. Have said I will take them out on Thursday so must have a day off.

Wednesday 4th January 1967
Worked until noon – then brought my books home as I want tomorrow off, so put in 7½ hours all told. Still very cold. Cyril seems to have got his cough back. Took Mrs Findlay’s pills down to her and it was quarter to ten before I got away.

Thursday 5th January 1967
Cyril to Cardiff.
Gill, Phil and I set off at 9am – caught the 9:35 to Waterloo and did the Post Office Tower, Science and National History Museum AND a quick look into Pontings and Derry & Toms. Home at 5:25pm – very tired.
(I have this memory that we couldn’t find the Post Office Tower and that Peggy asked someone where it was. They looked straight up, pointed, and said, “it’s there”! G. I remember that story too, although I’m not sure it isn’t family ‘folklore’. P)

Friday 6th January 1967
Haven’t yet recovered from yesterday’s outing – and wasn’t there some work awaiting me. I hardly had time to glance at today’s post. Very busy up there. Cyril home from Cardiff, at 1:30pm. He went back to the office – home again at 5pm. We went out shopping – Esher.

Saturday 7th January 1967
The children were disappointed to find the snow had gone! Cyril and I had a quick trip to the village. Hides came with the bed quite early – but minus the headboard. We have managed. Afternoon in Kingston for me – tried on lots of coats but didn’t find one I liked enough. Bought Gill a couple of nice blouses and cardigan, gloves for Phil, socks for Cyril and sheets for Gill’s new bed. Played Canasta.


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