Week 2 : 8th -14th January 1967

Diary Shelf

Here’s how the world looked in the second week of 1967:

  • January 9th – Radio stations across China began broadcasting the “Urgent Notice” that had originated in Shanghai, with the warning that, “All those who have opposed Chairman Mao, Vice-Chairman Lin, and the Communist China Red Guards, and all those who have sabotaged the Cultural Revolution and production, will immediately be arrested by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law. All those who violate rules against economism will immediately be punished as saboteurs off the Cultural Revolution.”
  • January 10th – In parliamentary elections in the Bahamas, which was then a British colony, the black candidates for the Progressive Liberal Party increased their share of seats from four to 18, while the white candidates of the United Bahamian Party made no increase from its 18 seats in the 38-seat House of Assembly. British Governor Ralph Grey would break the 18 to 18 deadlock by picking Lynden O. Pindling to head a coalition, bringing an end to the dominance of the white elite in the 85% black colony.
  • January 12th – Following his death from cancer, Professor James Bedford became the first person to be cryonically preserved with the intent of future resuscitation. Dr. Bedford, a psychology professor at the Glendale College in California, had taken advantage of an offer by the cryonics advocacy organisation, the Life Extension Society, to freeze the first candidate postmortem at no charge, and had moved into a nursing home so that the procedure could be started immediately after his death.
  • January 13th – Members of the New York Police Department saved about 300 sleeping residents of the borough of Queens, running from house to house in the 20 minutes before a natural gas explosion levelled houses and started a fire that eventually destroyed 22 buildings. Only four people were hurt, none seriously.
  • January 14th – The Sound of Music closed out its 2,385th and final performance at the Palace Theatre in London’s West End, where it had started on May 18, 1961, while the Broadway production in New York City (which had 1,443 performances) was still in progress.

And here’s how it was for Peggy, Cyril, Gill and Phil.

Sunday 8th January 1967
Bed stuck this morning – I should have liked to have stayed there! Snowing slightly – but quite sunny and very cold. Children went to Sunday School and this afternoon, Philip went to tea with Martin Carter.

Monday 9th January 1967
Some snow and plenty of ice – much to the children’s delight. They have been out playing most of the day. I worked this morning and polished the floors at home this afternoon! Joan rang. Philip had a bad night – possibly the thought of school!

Tuesday 10th January 1967
Term begins.
Back to school today! The thaw seems to have set in – it’s warmer tonight – but wet. Have been in the kitchen – baking – a cake for Dad – David T will take it with him on Saturday – and an apple pie for tomorrow’s lunch.

Wednesday 11th January 1967
Cyril to lunch, also Hugh McGilvray & Bill Garry
Crept away form a terribly busy office at 11:15!! Entertained the menfolk to a very nice lunch (though I say it myself!!). It was 3:10pm when I finished washing up! Seebrite delivered (coal) this afternoon.

Thursday 12th January 1967
Cyril had a day in bed today, so he must have been feeling poorly. I worked till 12:30 – played badminton this afternoon then worked on my books this evening. Cyril has been down since 6pm. Joan rang.

Friday 13th January 1967
Driving Lesson.
Dental 11:45am
Managed to get to the dentist on time by running through the village. Cyril picked me up as he was going through to Cobham for his new glasses. I quite enjoyed my driving lesson after all the time I’ve been away from it. Rang Ena Redgrave – don’t think we’ll be going to their party.

Saturday 14th January 1967
Redgrave’s Bottle Party
We went to the Bank this morning and Cyril went back to bed straight after lunch. We didn’t go to the Redgrave’s party after all. About 8:45 I went into Turners and played ‘Go’. David is in bed too so he didn’t go to Joan’s for the weekend (wonder what happened to Grandad’s cake?). Ron and Gwen Fuzzey called in this afternoon.

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